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What Is Print Fulfillment & Distribution?

Print fulfillment and distribution is a broad term that many people have heard of but they might be unaware of everything that is actually possible under that category.

Listed here is a short list of services that are typically offered

  • Order Fulfillment
  • Bindery & Finishing
  • Kitting and Assembly
  • Inventory Management
  • Distribution and Shipping
  • On-Site Warehousing
  • Real-Time Order Tracking

There are a number of different ways that utilizing a service like this can benefit your business.

How Fulfillment Services & Distribution Benefit Your Business

What if we told you that utilizing efficient fulfillment and distribution services could save you time, money and a lot of headaches? Here are just a few ways that can be done:

  • Your business can eliminate the cost of a warehouse or storage unit as well as reduce labor costs. Magna IV stores the printed and promotional materials until it is time to prepare, package, kit and distribute them.
  • Fulfillment and distribution services allow you to focus on your core competencies. Your team is experienced in your business sector but fulfillment services might not be one of your strengths. You get to focus on your business strengths while we handle your fulfillment and distribution needs.
  • They also offer your business lower shipping costs thanks to our distribution infrastructure and the bulk delivery discounts offered as part of our fulfillment and distribution services.

Magna IV Fulfillment And Distribution Services

Magna IV offers an array of fulfillment and distribution services that efficiently deliver print materials and marketing giveaways, coupons and items to your intended audience. Again some of the fulfillment services we offer companies of all sizes include production, warehousing, kitting, binding, order fulfillment, shipping and real-time order tracking. Our real-time reporting services take the worry out of fulfillment shipping as your business can follow the shipping progress of the distributed materials and see when they arrive at their destination. In addition, we can offer you individual or bulk order distribution at the lowest rates even if the items being distributed include different materials or quantities in the order.

Learn more about the advantages of utilizing our print fulfillment and distribution services by contacting our expert team today.

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Interior Graphics Will Transform Your Business Or Workplace

Successful companies know that a business or workplace is more than a place for employees to do their work. Workplace design is a critical element in enhancing and improving the performance and productivity of workers. Judith Heerwagen, a program expert with the General Services Administration in Washington, D.C., says productivity and the workplace are related as a building can impact the ability, motivation and opportunity of employees by providing comfortable ambient conditions as well as conditions that promote psychological engagement and personal control. Interior graphic design plays a key role in transforming a workplace into a welcoming environment where employees feel empowered and valued by the company. Interior wall graphics set the tone for the interior of the workplace as well as differentiate the various areas of the business.

Interior Graphics Will Transform Your Business Or Workplace

Benefits Of Exceptional Interior Wall Graphics

Exceptional interior wall graphics offer multiple benefits to a workplace:

  • Interior graphics set the tone of the workplace. People respond to visuals and interior graphic design can create a productive environment through a combination of texture, color and pattern.
  • Make customers feel welcome by establishing an inviting and comfortable environment with interior wall graphics that are vibrant and aesthetically pleasing.
  • Interior graphics promote company culture and keep employees focused on the core purpose of the company brand. They also promote a positive feeling by giving a sense of the values and brand of the business.
  • Interior wall graphics can distinguish an office and show that a company is willing to invest in its workplace and that it cares about the quality of the work produced by the business.

Interior Graphics Will Transform Your Business Or Workplace

Interior Graphic Design Services That Work

Interior graphic design services set the tone for a workplace by transforming the business with interior graphics that increase productivity and boost morale. Interior wall graphics require an experienced touch that knows how to navigate the fine line between being too “in your face” and setting a mood that inspires productivity and makes workers and customers feel welcome. Our experienced interior graphics team will meet with you to discuss your vision for your workplace and which of these graphic design services will best achieve your goals:

  • Wall wraps and murals
  • Custom wallpaper
  • Interior wallscapes
  • Repositionable wall graphics and magnetic signage
  • Acrylic signage
  • Vinyl signage
  • Adhesive dry erase
  • Stretch canvas prints
  • Lobby signage
  • Dimensional signs and dimensional lettering
  • Custom cut lettering
  • Standoff mounted signs
  • Floor graphics
  • Window clings and window decals
  • Exhibits and displays
  • Storefront graphics

We offer interior wall graphics that revitalize the look and tone of businesses of any size. Transform your business by contacting Magna IV today about interior graphics that make a difference.

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Why Visual Merchandising Is Critical For Retail Stores

Visual merchandising is critical for retail stores because retail display printing engages shoppers and inspires them to buy products. Visual merchandising is a retail display printing strategy that maximizes the aesthetics of a retail product with the intent of increasing foot traffic and sales. Visual merchandising brands retail products by encouraging customers to learn more about the product which also leads to increased sales. When considering visual merchandising tips for retail stores, the single most important purpose of the display is to draw consumers into the store in order to close a sale. The ultimate success of custom-made retail display printing that spotlights products greatly depends on the overall aesthetic quality of the display.

Visual Merchandising Tips

Keep these visual merchandising tips in mind when creating a visual merchandising display:

  • Proper lighting calls attention to the display no matter where a person is located in the store.
  • Retail display printing should have a focal point that is easy for the customer to view. Businesses should remember this point…Wherever the eyes go in a store, the feet will follow.
  • Tell a story with the signage that shares the benefits of buying the product. Telling customers why they need the product helps enable the buying decision.
  • Give customers choices without overwhelming them with too much merchandise. It’s been said that “the more they see, the more they buy” but don’t make the visual merchandising too confusing by including too many items at once.

Professional Retail Display Printing

Professional retail display printing is not a “one size fits all” service. Visual merchandising requires custom-made displays that are created with the customer in mind while also promoting the products the business is hoping customers will buy while in the store. Retail display printing needs to be easy to understand, as well as easy to see, whether the customer is standing across the room or is right in front of the display. Easy to understand displays that have the product on hand for customers to purchase make a powerful impact on sales and increase overall profits for retail stores.

Take the first step towards effective visual merchandising by contacting our experienced design team today.

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How Variable Data Printing Boosts Direct Mail Results

One way to make sure your direct mail campaign is ignored is by addressing the printed piece to “Dear Homeowner” or “A Special Offer For Our Friends”. Personalized direct mail makes more of an impression than a generic greeting in the mailbox. Variable data printing gives you the opportunity to address your direct mail printing project to thousands of people while still making it look personal by allowing you to include the actual name of a person on each individual piece of direct mail. By personalizing each individual piece, variable data printing gives you the ability to speak directly to the recipient of the mailing as well as make the person feel like you are speaking directly to them rather than being part of a generic mass mailing.

Personalized Direct Mail Tips:

To get the best ROI on your direct mail printing campaign, follow these tips:

  • Add value to your mailing – The printed material needs to include something of value to the recipient. Give your audience a reason to “act now/get more information” or your mail will likely end up in the trash can.
  • Stand out in the mailbox – A great design, along with the personal touch of variable data printing, makes you stand out at a residence or business. Your direct mail campaign commands attention with eye-catching images.
  • Choose the right medium for your message – What will make your audience respond to your message? Do they want a simple postcard or more in-depth information from a sales letter or a brochure? What will make them respond to your message? The right medium for your direct mail campaign is as important as the actual message of the campaign.

Magna IV’s Direct Mail Printing Services

When it comes to our direct mail printing services, our work goes beyond merely printing your variable data printing project. No matter the size or quantity of the campaign, we create memorable graphics that make your recipients want to learn more about the product, service or special you are promoting. In addition, we know the rules and regulations of mailing your campaign via the United States Postal Service. From designing and creating the project to mailing the direct mail piece and making sure it makes its way to the desired people or businesses on your mailing list, Magna IV’s direct mail printing services handle the project from start to finish as quickly as possible while still being cost-efficient and accurate when it comes to reaching your intended personalized direct mail target.

Learn more about the benefits of variable data printing by contacting our expert direct mail team today.

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Striking Interior Graphics for the U of A

Our state’s flagship educational institution, the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville, is constantly devising new ways to market its student initiatives and events. For years now, Magna IV has partnered with the U of A to produce high-quality printed collateral for its academic departments, athletic programs and recruitment efforts. So when the university decided to open a Sam M. Walton College of Business satellite facility, it was a no brainer to turn to its trusted partner Magna IV for help with interior graphics.

Window Cling To Enhance Visual Appearance

The university was initially stumped about what to do with its new space on Main Street in downtown Little Rock and its oversized interior glass wall. It knew it wanted some type of window cling to give the building an enhanced visual appeal. However, it also needed a product that would allow students and passersby to see into the space from the street, both day and night.

Vinyl Window Graphic

The Magna IV team immediately went to work, overseeing the project from start to finish. It used its wide-format printing equipment to create a transparent vinyl window graphic 50-feet-wide by 10-feet-tall image of the downtown Little Rock skyline. It printed the image on clear vinyl, a cost-effective and durable material, to help prevent wear-and-tear and damage from cleanings. Its in-house experts then cut and placed the window cling to ensure a seamless installation. Once complete, the U of A was able to settle into its new space and focus on its mission at hand—attracting and educating the next generation of our state’s business leaders.

Does your business or organization need help creating interior design graphics such as window clings, wall wraps or floor graphics? Read our success stories using the latest printing technology. Contact Magna IV at 800-946-2462 today!

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Why Retail Graphics Are Crucial For Visual Merchandising

Retail graphics elevate the look of a merchandising display and also set the tone of your store. Retail displays showcase products and let customers know what to expect when shopping at a business. Displays at retail stores should not be thrown together at the last minute. Making proper use of the available space can help you group products and create a theme that retail printing services can enhance in the minds of consumers. Too many patterns and clashing colors distract customers because they don’t have a focal point that guides the eyes to certain products. Create a visual presentation that clearly delivers the point you want to make about a product or a promotion. Once the sale or promotion has ended, update your retail graphics to keep customers engaged and interested in your newest spotlighted product.

Retail Displays & Signage Tips To Maximize Sales

Make the most of your retail display to maximize sales:

  • Effective retail graphics contain promotional, directional or informational copy that gives customers the details they desire. Providing visual cues is a way to guide consumers through the store in a strategic manner while providing vital information about products and services at a glance.
  • Group your products in a logical manner when creating retail displays. Placing products together grabs the attention of customers while also telling a visual story of how the products fit together. Don’t be too “matchy-matchy” with the items because including an object that seems a bit different from the others can make customers stop and take a closer look at the display.
  • Hang vinyl banners outside the store to advertise seasonal sales or events, Use bright colors to catch the eye of customers and a solid colored background to make your product message stand out.

Magna IV Retail Printing Services For Experience That Matters

Retail graphics are a crucial component in influencing the final buying decision made by customers. Experience matters when it comes to retail printing services and Magna IV has been providing high-quality print products and solutions for more than 40 years. We use the latest print technology to create retail graphics that get the attention of customers. The design and creation of retail displays has evolved greatly over the past four decades and our experienced team has been at the forefront of these changes. We design and create engaging visual merchandising graphics that encourage customer interaction and influence the final buying decision.

Learn more about the connection between retail graphics and visual merchandising by contacting our team today.

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Convenience Store Graphics Is Your Silent Salesperson

Salespeople are seen as the front line of sales in a retail business. While they are an important part of informing customers about the products and services offered, convenience store graphics actually greet customers first and can be seen as a silent salesperson. C-store graphics grab the attention of customers and create interest in the products available for purchase. Once the consumer enters the store, floor graphics continue to influence customer buying decisions by leading a person directly to the products or specials businesses want to spotlight in the store. Even though the graphics are directing customers to certain products or sections of the store, the consumers do not feel pressured to make a purchase by an actual salesperson since they are subtly being influenced by custom made graphics and/or a POP display.

C-Store Graphics Benefits

C-store graphics offer multiple benefits to businesses:

  • Informative convenience store graphics highlight the many features and benefits of the spotlighted merchandise
  • Customers are encouraged to make impulse purchases of items they didn’t even realize they wanted until they viewed them in the store
  • Colorful graphics attract the attention of customers and draw them to a display to learn more about the product
  • C-store graphics can be updated and changed to reflect products that are popular at certain times of the year instead of being static in nature

Floor Graphics Are Walking Opportunities

As customers walk through the store, take advantage of this marketing opportunity to increase sales. The cost of producing floor graphics to promote a product or company is much smaller in comparison to a traditional billboard. Convenience store graphics that are placed on the floor have the flexibility to be an inexpensive short-term signage solution as well as durable enough to be a long-lasting branding tool. Floor graphics are noticed by customers because they are paying attention to where they are walking in addition to naturally looking down to view what is on the floor in front of them. Making customers focus their attention downward to the floor narrows their attention to the C-store graphics at their feet. This allows the content to have more of an impact and influence the buying decision of consumers.

Put convenience store graphics, AKA “the silent salesperson”, to work for your C-store by contacting our design team today.

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Why Large Format Printing Is Critical In Branding

Why Large Format Printing Is Critical In Branding

Large format printing is a term that describes print materials that are too large to easily be printed on readily available sizes of printing presses. Wide format printing is a critical part of any branding strategy since it covers a wide range of print materials such as windows, posters, store displays, banners and event signage. These materials can be used to get attention, promote events and provide a visual reference for customers to easily recognize when branding a business. The first step in building brand awareness is being noticed by others and making them want to learn more about your services. This can easily be accomplished thanks to the size and variety of materials created by large printing services.

Benefits Of Large & Wide Format Printing

Large & wide format printing offers multiple benefits to customers:

  • High-quality images market your business – Images play a large part in brand awareness because they stand out among a mountain of text. Large format printing creates memorable images instead of text that might be hard to process and remember in the limited amount of time that a person is viewing an ad.
  • Market new product launches – Wide format printing creates materials such as signs, banners and store displays that spread the word about the launch of a new product in the marketplace. While the digital age of marketing allows for a wide viewership of an ad, a physical flyer or brochure still commands attention and makes people stop to take a look at the printed material.
  • Print on almost any material – From PVC to fabric to paper and vinyl, wide format printers can print on almost any material.

Why Large Format Printing Is Critical In Branding

Large Printing Services That Stand Out

Large format printing services stand out from other branding efforts because of their size as well as the variety of materials available for use in wide format printing. You can have the greatest product in the world or the best idea for a business. However, you still need to effectively market your business in order to build your brand in the eyes of customers. Large format printing allows you to get noticed and be remembered by others that are intrigued by your printed materials and want to learn more about the products and services offered by your business.

Learn more about the branding benefits offered by large format printing by contacting us today.

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How Retail Graphics & Signs Drive Sales

Retail store graphics are an essential part of the marketing efforts that drive sales for retail and convenience stores. Retail graphics and signs help shoppers to better understand the personality of a business and also helps to lead them in making purchases based on the information provided by the signs created by retail printing services. The signs that are displayed in retails stores can drive sales at that particular point in time or they can promote sales and specials that will occur in the near future. There are multiple retail signs that deliver increased sales and the section below shows you how these retail graphics deliver the results you desire.

Types Of Powerful Retail Store Graphics & Signs

Some of the most popular, and powerful, retail store graphics and signs include:

  • Point of purchase signs (POP) – This category of retail graphics can include anything from floor graphics that lead the way to certain products, cardboard cutouts that can be placed over merchandise and pop-up banners that show customers where to find certain items. POP signs spotlight promotional items, seasonal merchandise and special deals on certain items.
  • Door and window graphics – These graphics are the first thing a customer sees when he or she enters the door of a business. Use this prime opportunity to market current sales and events and to promote special sale hours or display enticing sales copy or keywords.
  • Branded ceiling tiles – These custom made tiles can display your logo or the images that brand your product. Colorful and enticing graphics will have customers looking up and receiving your branding message.

Retail Printing Services That Stand Out

Eye catching graphics and signs drive sales in both retail and convenience stores. Professional retail printing services create retail store graphics that attract attention and alert customers to the specials, deals and events stores want to promote to the buying public. Custom made retail graphics tell a story and give the public a better idea of what the store is all about and the services they want to deliver to customers. Retail printing services include the conception of the graphics as well as their creation and installation. All of these elements combine to make graphics and signs that stand out in the marketplace.

Contact us today to learn more about using retail store graphics to drive sales and attract customers to your business.

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7 Reasons to Love Print Fulfillment & Distribution Services

Print fulfillment and distribution services help your business effectively deliver your marketing message to a targeted group of customers. Print fulfillment services run the gamut from the planning and production stage to bindery services, warehousing the product and making sure all mailing addresses are correct so they will reach the intended home or business. Print fulfillment services benefit your company in multiple ways including these seven reasons:

  1. Order fulfillment
  2. Kitting and assembly
  3. On-site warehousing
  4. Order distribution and shipping
  5. Inventory management
  6. Real-time order tracking
  7. Confirmation that the order was delivered

The reasons listed above combine to create a successful and well-received fulfillment experience for both you and your customers.

Fulfillment And Distribution Benefits

Our fulfillment and distribution services offer many benefits:

  • Seasonal and Sales Fluctuation Flexibility – Sales can rise during certain seasonal events. Handling your own fulfillment means you need to hire extra workers for the added demand. We eliminate the need for extra workers by managing the surge in sales. All you need to worry about is providing the product that is ordered.
  • Lower shipping costs – You can offer customers a lower shipping cost thanks to our regional/national/international shipping program as well as the bulk delivery discounts we get thanks to the size of our shipments.
  • Eliminate fixed costs – The cost of storing inventory rises while your sales are flat or declining. However, you still pay the same amount for rent on a warehouse. Partnering with us cuts your fixed costs since you won’t be paying for a warehouse space.

Print Fulfillment Services With The Latest Technology

Magna IV uses the latest technology to execute our print fulfillment services. Our state-of-the-art fulfillment and distribution services include custom management and information software that can be fully integrated with your print and fulfillment needs. Plus, real-time reporting allows you to know exactly when your product ships and reaches its destination via our mail tracking system. We are always researching new techniques for print fulfillment and this means finding new shipping methods that allow us to save you money while still delivering your product on time.

Brand your business to customers by contacting us today to learn more about our print fulfillment and distribution services.

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