Why Are Marketing Portals Vital For Consistent Branding?

Why Are Marketing Portals Vital For Consistent Branding?

When it comes to promoting a business, the marketing message needs to be consistent to avoid any customer confusion. Online marketing portals help your business achieve consistent branding by allowing you to order all of your print and marketing materials in one location.

Branding is what identifies your goods and services from the goods and services of other companies. Branding gives you a distinct identity in the eyes of consumers and makes you top of mind to customers. Marketing portals allow you to customize and order all of your online and print materials from one convenient location. By using the same location to create and order these materials, the web-to-print process ensures that the same colors, logos, and dimensions are used for all of the materials which provide a level of consistency to the finished product.

How Online Marketing Portals Function

Take a look below to see how online marketing portals function:

  • The first step in creating marketing portals is building the portal so it includes the logo, branding colors and other creative elements.
  • Next, designated users are given secure access to the online marketing portal so they can easily find, and use, the approved marketing materials. This makes ordering the needed products easy and convenient for authorized users.
  • Finally, users are able to proof the materials they requested before placing their final order online. With Magna IV, the order goes directly into our workflow.

Web-To-Print Digital Storefronts Save Time And Money

Web-to-print digital storefronts save time and money by offering centralized billing and reporting. This allows online marketing portal users to view the project cost as well as the expected time frame before the final product is ready to ship. Marketing portals also allow companies the chance to edit or customize materials, along with ordering inventory, within the portal. This step saves valuable time as all tasks can be accomplished in the online marketing portal instead of being routed to another department before the project can be executed and placed before customers.

Find out how to get your marketing portal active and working for your business when you contact us today.

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Convenience Store Signs & Graphics Are Critical For Sales

Convenience Store Signs & Graphics Are Critical For Sales

The goal of any convenience store is to attract customers and convert sales from those who enter the business. Convenience store signs play a big part in selling your products. Convenience store graphics attract the attention of customers before they even enter a store. In addition, convenience store signs that are designed and created by professional printing services set the tone for the store and play a large role in the overall C-store experience. Convenience store graphics deliver the information customers need to know in order to make an informed purchasing decision. Convenience store graphics create foot traffic and contribute to overall profits.

Types Of Convenience Store Graphics & Displays

Some of the most common types of convenience store graphics and displays include:

  • Posters and signs that are placed near the entrance of the store share your marketing message with customers as they enter the building
  • Special events are a big source of revenue and banners that highlight sales and other events bring attention to spotlighted products and sales that are being promoted for a limited time
  • Floor graphics greet customers as they walk in the door and lead them to targeted merchandise and sales displays
  • Convenience store signs such as wall graphics give the C-store an updated and fresh look that also transforms the perception customers currently have about the business

Professional Printing Services For Convenience Stores

Professional printing services for convenience stores create a story and help to set the mood for customers as they enter the store.

In addition, eye-catching convenience store signs and graphics such as Point of Sale displays (POS) create brand awareness for certain products that your store is trying to get customers to notice and purchase.

Professional printing services include the product copy and interactive elements that, combined with convenience store graphics, make your C-store top of mind when it is time for consumers to purchase products you carry or services you provide.

Contact us today to learn how to increase foot traffic and grow sales with professionally designed and installed convenience store signs and graphics.

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Official Corporate Gifts Guide For Employees And Customers

Official Corporate Gifts Guide For Employees And Customers

Corporate gifts serve a number of purposes during the holiday season. They can be business gifts for valued customers as well as gifts for employees to thank them for their service. It also lets them show their pride in working for their employer.

Before sending any corporate gift ideas or promo products for the holidays, take the time to know your customers and employees. They would much rather receive a gift that has a personal meaning than an impersonal item like a paperweight. Include a handwritten card or note that gives your gifts a personal touch. In addition, make sure your corporate gifts fit within your company guidelines of gift giving as some companies have limits on spending and type of gifts you can give to others. Plus, there is a chance that the gift might be tax-deductible at the end of the year so keep that in mind when deciding what corporate gifts to give this year.

Gifts for Employees & Business Gifts Do’s & Don’ts

When deciding on corporate gifts and gifts for employees, keep these “do’s and don’ts” in mind:

  • Ask for a volume discount – The more items you buy, the larger the discount you get from the gifting company.
  • No promotional inserts – Don’t include brochures or pamphlets advertising the gifting company. Simply include a sticker with the name of the promotional company on it.
  • Personal notes – Don’t send corporate gift ideas or promo products with nothing more than a return label on the package. Include a personal note to let the recipient know how much you appreciate their business or hard work.
  • Tracking and Reporting – Make sure the promotional company tracks the delivery of the items and keeps you updated with reports on the progress of the delivery. If this is not part of their services, make sure they give you the tracking information for the delivery.

Powerful Corporate Gift Ideas & Promo Products

Looking for some powerful corporate gift ideas and promo products? If so, here are some ideas for you this holiday season:

  • A Moonbow Wireless Light-Up Speaker allows the person receiving the gift to enjoy music wherever they go on sales calls or while enjoying a day off.
  • Things get hectic at events and company outings and a custom selfie stick helps to capture memories and gives clients and employees something fun to share with each other.
  • Enjoy some privacy thanks to a Private Eyes cover lens that covers the camera on a computer so hackers can’t monitor your every move.

Get ready for holiday gift giving season by contacting our experienced team of corporate gift givers today.

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Powerful Interior Graphic Design For Architecture & Construction

Powerful Interior Graphic Design For Architecture & Construction

When customers are trying to decide which architecture or construction company to use for their next project, they often examine the interior graphic design of the company they are considering. Powerful interior graphic design can make a big impact on consumers and give them confidence in the skills and abilities of the company in question. The opposite is also true as an architecture or construction company that does not invest the time or resources into showcasing their interior graphic design results will not gain the trust of someone looking for a skilled and experienced interior graphic design company. Consumers in the market for interior graphic design services want to grab the attention of the public thanks to powerful interior graphics provided by the architecture or construction firm.

Types Of Interior Graphics

Here are some powerful interior graphics for architecture and construction companies:

  • Wall graphics can turn a blank wall into a branding tool that showcases your products, logo, services or mission statement. A mural can be an artistic statement as well as a representation of the goals and values of the company.
  • Window graphics are seen from the road and are an easy way to get the attention of consumers. The graphics can include logos, pictures of your products or services and fun, artistically rendered graphics that share your company hours or social media channels.
  • Floor graphics give customers something to look at as they glance at the floor to see where they are going. Floor graphics can showcase the interior graphics of a company and lead customers to areas where companies what them to go to learn information about the powerful interior graphic design services they offer to the public.

Magna IV Interior Graphic Printing Services

The interior graphic printing services offered by Magna IV cover both residential and commercial graphic design and printing services. Our interior graphic printing services build brand recognition and customer awareness of a company. Interior graphic printing covers a variety of services including wall murals, floor graphics, banners and signs, window graphics, lobby signage and exhibits and displays. We also do more than simply design interior graphics for businesses such as architecture and construction firms. Our expert team also handles the printing and installation of the interior graphics to ensure they are mounted correctly so they will be a long lasting display that companies will be proud to showcase to their customers.

Learn more about the impact made by powerful interior graphic design when you contact us today.

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How To Choose The Perfect Business Promotional Products?

How To Choose The Perfect Business Promotional Products?

Everyone loves a gift and business promotional products brand your business in the eyes of customers. It is very important to make sure the promotional product is one that customers will use on a regular basis and not just throw away after they receive it.

The first step in choosing the perfect business promotional product is having a clear idea of the outcome of the promotional campaign. Companies need to have a clear objective in mind, such as creating new business or increasing brand recognition, before determining the budget for promo items.

Don’t be afraid to stick with popular product categories. Customers love items such as t-shirts, bags, calendars, caps and pens. They will use these items on a regular basis which keeps your business top of mind.

Keep the type of person you are targeting in mind and tailor the business promotional products to their lifestyle. If the business promotional products are useful and relevant to their lifestyle, the promotional items will enjoy longevity and repeated use.

Finally, get some feedback from your target audience to measure the success of the promotional products so you can determine if they are still used on a regular basis.

Tips On Choosing The Best Promotional Gifts

Follow these tips to properly choose the best promotional gifts:

  • Build your marketing strategy around your company values and what you represent. Make sure any products you are considering are appropriate to your brand. By knowing your business, you will have a clear idea about what customers expect from you.
  • Choose products that are memorable and not generic items like a folder or a paperweight. The best promotional gifts are unique and make an impact on customers.
  • Think about the location of where you are going to distribute your items. Trade shows and business meetings are appropriate for small and lighter items since those receiving the products will have to carry them along with their work items. A picnic, or some other social event, is a more appropriate venue to award larger promotional items since people will be going home after receiving the best promotional gifts you have to offer.

Unique Branded Corporate Gifts They Will Love

Some of the most popular branded corporate gifts that people like to receive include:

  • Reusable tote bags are a big hit with consumers. They use the bag to carry their groceries (instead of plastic bags), pack a change of clothes or carry the items they need to enjoy a day at the pool or the beach.
  • Company pride takes center stage with branded corporate gifts. From water bottles and foam footballs to keychains and computer bags, employees enjoy showing off where they work with these items that are ideal for company picnics.
  • Mugs, drinkware and water bottles are used by everyone during the week. Whether a person is sitting at a desk at work or the person is out the door and in the car, these mobile beverage solutions are branded corporate gifts that are used on a regular basis and build brand awareness with customers.

Need some help choosing the perfect business promotional products for your company? Contact our expert promotional products team today.

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How Interior Graphics Promote A Positive School Environment

How Interior Graphics Promote A Positive School Environment

No matter how old a student is at a school, it is important that the overall environment is a positive one in order to facilitate learning. Interior graphics play a large part in creating a positive school environment by sharing items such as the mission and history of the school along with transforming dull white or gray walls into walls filled with bright visual graphics that inspire students to learn and be proud of their environment. Experiential graphics make students feel valued and confident in their environment since the graphic design services that create and place the graphics have the mission of making students feel inspired to achieve academic success thanks to the positive feelings they get from their school environment.

Cost-Effective Environmental Graphics Forms A Perfect Culture

Back in 2013, the University of Salford conducted a study that showed the environment of a classroom can impact the academic progress of a child by up to 25%. Experiential graphics designers used this information to design interior graphics that inspire students while remaining cost-effective for school budgets:

  • Wall graphics and displays spotlight students that have achieved academic success or helped their fellow students
  • Banners and flags share information, give educational facts and allow students to learn more about their school and the world while being cost-effective to change and update
  • Floor graphics lead students to classrooms and other school events in a fun and easy to follow manner
  • Murals capture the attention of students while sharing information with them about events in history or inspirational pictures and quotes that inspire them to learn more information about the time or event shown in the mural

Graphic Design Services, Printing & Installation For Schools

Schools walk a fine line when it comes to graphic design services as well as the printing and installation of the interior graphics. They have to be bright and colorful enough to get the attention of students and inspire them while also not being distracting in such a way that it negatively impacts the learning process. In addition, experiential graphics need to set the mood to inspire students while not being so “out there” that they embarrass students and make them not want to spend more time than necessary at the school. It is the job of an experienced graphic design services team to create graphics that make the school environment a positive one for students while not being overwhelming to anyone viewing the interior graphics.

Contact us today to learn more about how interior graphics contribute to a positive school environment.

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How Restaurant Graphics Build Brand Identity

How Restaurant Graphics Build Brand Identity

Restaurant graphics serve multiple purposes for new and established restaurants. They grab the attention of customers and serve as a visual representation of the business for customers. Restaurant signs also brand a business by letting customers know what they can expect when they enter the restaurant. Restaurant graphics are not limited to signs on the outside of the building. Restaurant graphics can be on menus, pop-up displays, and point of purchase signage and even in multi-channel marketing materials like direct mail, email marketing, mobile apps, and personalized URLs. No matter where the restaurant graphics are located, they build brand identity through the repetition of customers viewing the graphics on a regular basis and reminding customers what the restaurant offers them on a daily basis.

Powerful Restaurant Signs & Graphics

Restaurant signs and restaurant graphics can include a powerful variety of items such as:

  • Custom vinyl window graphics
  • Menu boards
  • Interior wall signage
  • Point of purchase signage
  • Signs and banners
  • Custom floor graphics

All of the restaurant signs and graphics listed above brand a restaurant thanks to their eye-catching content and the information they deliver to customers as part of the marketing message of the restaurant. Restaurant signs give customers a better idea of what they can expect when they enter a restaurant. Once customers enter the building, the restaurant graphics placed throughout the building reinforce the branding message.

Multi-Channel Marketing Connects With Customers

It takes more than simply sending an email or printing a flyer to properly brand a restaurant. Multi-channel marketing improves the overall marketing impact of a restaurant by using multiple methods of marketing outreach to connect with customers. From text messages to personalized emails to customized websites and direct mail, multi-channel marketing allows restaurants to tailor their marketing message in order to more effectively reach their target audience and increase foot traffic and sales. In addition, multi-channel marketing allows businesses to track customer responses to the various elements of the marketing campaign so they can modify and grow their marketing efforts in the channels that showed the most ROI.

Discover more about the branding power of restaurant graphics when you contact our experienced team today.

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What Is Print Fulfillment & Distribution?

What Is Print Fulfillment & Distribution?

Print fulfillment and distribution is a broad term that many people have heard of but they might be unaware of everything that is actually possible under that category.

Listed here is a short list of services that are typically offered

  • Order Fulfillment
  • Bindery & Finishing
  • Kitting and Assembly
  • Inventory Management
  • Distribution and Shipping
  • On-Site Warehousing
  • Real-Time Order Tracking

There are a number of different ways that utilizing a service like this can benefit your business.

How Fulfillment Services & Distribution Benefit Your Business

What if we told you that utilizing efficient fulfillment and distribution services could save you time, money and a lot of headaches? Here are just a few ways that can be done:

  • Your business can eliminate the cost of a warehouse or storage unit as well as reduce labor costs. Magna IV stores the printed and promotional materials until it is time to prepare, package, kit and distribute them.
  • Fulfillment and distribution services allow you to focus on your core competencies. Your team is experienced in your business sector but fulfillment services might not be one of your strengths. You get to focus on your business strengths while we handle your fulfillment and distribution needs.
  • They also offer your business lower shipping costs thanks to our distribution infrastructure and the bulk delivery discounts offered as part of our fulfillment and distribution services.

Magna IV Fulfillment And Distribution Services

Magna IV offers an array of fulfillment and distribution services that efficiently deliver print materials and marketing giveaways, coupons and items to your intended audience. Again some of the fulfillment services we offer companies of all sizes include production, warehousing, kitting, binding, order fulfillment, shipping and real-time order tracking. Our real-time reporting services take the worry out of fulfillment shipping as your business can follow the shipping progress of the distributed materials and see when they arrive at their destination. In addition, we can offer you individual or bulk order distribution at the lowest rates even if the items being distributed include different materials or quantities in the order.

Learn more about the advantages of utilizing our print fulfillment and distribution services by contacting our expert team today.

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Interior Graphics Will Transform Your Business Or Workplace

Interior Graphics Will Transform Your Business Or Workplace

Successful companies know that a business or workplace is more than a place for employees to do their work. Workplace design is a critical element in enhancing and improving the performance and productivity of workers. Judith Heerwagen, a program expert with the General Services Administration in Washington, D.C., says productivity and the workplace are related as a building can impact the ability, motivation and opportunity of employees by providing comfortable ambient conditions as well as conditions that promote psychological engagement and personal control. Interior graphic design plays a key role in transforming a workplace into a welcoming environment where employees feel empowered and valued by the company. Interior wall graphics set the tone for the interior of the workplace as well as differentiate the various areas of the business.

Interior Graphics Will Transform Your Business Or Workplace

Benefits Of Exceptional Interior Wall Graphics

Exceptional interior wall graphics offer multiple benefits to a workplace:

  • Interior graphics set the tone of the workplace. People respond to visuals and interior graphic design can create a productive environment through a combination of texture, color and pattern.
  • Make customers feel welcome by establishing an inviting and comfortable environment with interior wall graphics that are vibrant and aesthetically pleasing.
  • Interior graphics promote company culture and keep employees focused on the core purpose of the company brand. They also promote a positive feeling by giving a sense of the values and brand of the business.
  • Interior wall graphics can distinguish an office and show that a company is willing to invest in its workplace and that it cares about the quality of the work produced by the business.

Interior Graphics Will Transform Your Business Or Workplace

Interior Graphic Design Services That Work

Interior graphic design services set the tone for a workplace by transforming the business with interior graphics that increase productivity and boost morale. Interior wall graphics require an experienced touch that knows how to navigate the fine line between being too “in your face” and setting a mood that inspires productivity and makes workers and customers feel welcome. Our experienced interior graphics team will meet with you to discuss your vision for your workplace and which of these graphic design services will best achieve your goals:

  • Wall wraps and murals
  • Custom wallpaper
  • Interior wallscapes
  • Repositionable wall graphics and magnetic signage
  • Acrylic signage
  • Vinyl signage
  • Adhesive dry erase
  • Stretch canvas prints
  • Lobby signage
  • Dimensional signs and dimensional lettering
  • Custom cut lettering
  • Standoff mounted signs
  • Floor graphics
  • Window clings and window decals
  • Exhibits and displays
  • Storefront graphics

We offer interior wall graphics that revitalize the look and tone of businesses of any size. Transform your business by contacting Magna IV today about interior graphics that make a difference.

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Why Visual Merchandising Is Critical For Retail Stores

Why Visual Merchandising Is Critical For Retail Stores

Visual merchandising is critical for retail stores because retail display printing engages shoppers and inspires them to buy products. Visual merchandising is a retail display printing strategy that maximizes the aesthetics of a retail product with the intent of increasing foot traffic and sales. Visual merchandising brands retail products by encouraging customers to learn more about the product which also leads to increased sales. When considering visual merchandising tips for retail stores, the single most important purpose of the display is to draw consumers into the store in order to close a sale. The ultimate success of custom-made retail display printing that spotlights products greatly depends on the overall aesthetic quality of the display.

Visual Merchandising Tips

Keep these visual merchandising tips in mind when creating a visual merchandising display:

  • Proper lighting calls attention to the display no matter where a person is located in the store.
  • Retail display printing should have a focal point that is easy for the customer to view. Businesses should remember this point…Wherever the eyes go in a store, the feet will follow.
  • Tell a story with the signage that shares the benefits of buying the product. Telling customers why they need the product helps enable the buying decision.
  • Give customers choices without overwhelming them with too much merchandise. It’s been said that “the more they see, the more they buy” but don’t make the visual merchandising too confusing by including too many items at once.

Professional Retail Display Printing

Professional retail display printing is not a “one size fits all” service. Visual merchandising requires custom-made displays that are created with the customer in mind while also promoting the products the business is hoping customers will buy while in the store. Retail display printing needs to be easy to understand, as well as easy to see, whether the customer is standing across the room or is right in front of the display. Easy to understand displays that have the product on hand for customers to purchase make a powerful impact on sales and increase overall profits for retail stores.

Take the first step towards effective visual merchandising by contacting our experienced design team today.

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