What Is Sublimation Printing?

What Is Sublimation Printing?

The answer to the question “what is sublimation printing” is that it is also known as dye sublimation printing. It is the process of applying an image to a specially coated metal, ceramic or polyester cloth. The image is applied through the use of sublimation ink, pressure and heat. Sublimation ink can convert from a solid to a gas without the need to go through a liquid form. The conversion process is started by the heat and is then controlled by time and pressure. Sublimation printing services on hard items such as metals and ceramics need a special coating to accept the sublimation inks. On the other hand, applying the inks to polyester items does not require special coating as the image is applied directly to the fabric.

Dye Sublimation Printing For Promoting Your Brand

Dye sublimation printing offers many ways to promote your brand:

  • Dye sublimation printing layers the different dyes on a promotional item and creates a solid color field of any tone. This makes your brand look more professional than using inkjet printing where the different dots that make up the field can be viewed up close.
  • Dye sublimation printing can be used on almost any kind of promotional item you can think of including fabrics, glass, keychains, phone cases, t-shirts, caps and magnets.
  • Trade show displays can be elevated with dye sublimation printing on backdrops, large banners, business cards, posters, pamphlets and decals.

Sublimation Printing Services

Dye sublimation printing services result in the ink being chemically bonded to the item in question (aka the substrate). The ink essentially becomes one with the item that it is bonded to and this results in a final printed product that is virtually permanent. When used on fabrics, the finished product can be washed and folded with very little image degradation resulting from the folding and storing no matter how many times the item is washed. The results are superior, and longer lasting, than inkjet printing.

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Variable Data Printing: What Your Boss Wants To Know

Variable data printing is ideal for businesses that want to customize print projects without having to commit to an overly large number of print pieces. Variable data printing services utilize software to alter the output produced by a digital printing press. This allows businesses to personalize each piece that is printed with such items as different names with each address as well as individual graphics for each printed item. Statistics show that personalized marketing gets people to remember marketing messages and act on them. According to the Aberdeen Group, 75% of consumers like brands that personalize their message and offers while Infosys says 86% of consumers say their buying decision is influenced by personalized marketing.

Benefits Of Variable Data Printing

The benefits of variable data printing include:

  • The ability to change information without having to create a new printing plate each time. Some of the information that can easily be changed during variable data printing includes the name of the person, their address, the incentive or deal being offered on the printed piece and even the spoken language on the printed piece.
  • Artwork and overall design.
  • The opportunity to create web pages that are specific to the recipient along with opt-in marketing elements. Variable data printing allows for web and direct mail integration that is seamless in its execution.

Variable Data Printing Services For Personalized Marketing

Variable data printing services gives businesses the opportunity to create personalized marketing messages. Using data from past interactions with customers to simply making sure the printed marketing piece is addressed directly to the targeted consumer, companies can reach customers and make them feel that the incentive or savings being offered has them specifically in mind. Variable data printing not only delivers the intended marketing message, it also creates a feeling of brand trust and loyalty in the minds of the audience.

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What Is Multi-Channel Marketing?

What Is Multi-Channel Marketing?

Multi-channel marketing refers to the practice of interacting with customers through a combination of direct and indirect channels. Some examples of these channels include websites, email, direct mail, retail outlets and mail order catalogs. The choices allows customers to choose the channel that best suits their lifestyle and lets them take action in response to the interaction initiated by the company. In addition, the number of available channels grows with each passing year. The need to embrace and utilize multi-channel marketing is an important part of any successful business plan.

Benefits Of Multi-Channel Marketing

Some benefits of multi-channel marketing include:

  • Not all people are receptive to the same channels of communications. Multi-channel marketing allows businesses to reach customers via different channels. In turn, this helps a company determine which channels are most preferred by a person.
  • The message shared by a company can be customized to best fit the delivery method. For example, text messages traditionally work best with short messages that have a sense of urgency to them. Emails are better suited for longer messages with a strong visual design. Facebook and Twitter are ideal for messages created with the hope that they will go viral.
  • An ad often needs to be repeated to get the attention of people. Repeating a message using different channels is more effective than simply repeating it using only a single channel. Multiple channels can complement each other and reinforce the message.

Cross Media Marketing Services That Attracts Attention

Getting the attention of customers, as well as keeping it, is not an easy task. Cross media marketing takes a marketing message and implements it through a variety of mediums. For example, summer movies are promoted with TV ads as well as toys and tie-ins with fast food restaurants and magazine covers. Marketing ads and media tie-ins can now be executed through social media, mobile phone apps, websites and videos. The use of multiple marketing mediums gives advertisers a better opportunity to reach a large audience and deliver their message through various channels.

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Business Signage: What Your Competitors Already Know

Business Signage: What Your Competitors Already Know

Business signage that grab the attention of customers is a key element your competitors already know about using custom business signage. They also know it is tempting to fill all of the available space. However, your business signage will be viewed from a distance so any design elements must be extra large to be seen and understood. Targeted placement near the building of your competitors, exposes your message to a quality sampling of consumers including the customers of your competition. Here are some of our popular signage and display products:

  • Indoor & outdoor signs
  • Ceiling danglers & shelf danglers
  • POP displays, POS displays, Endcap displays, trade show displays, life-size cutouts
  • Floor graphics
  • Banners
  • Window clings
  • Vehicle graphics
  • & More

Retail Signage Benefits:

Retail signage offers many benefits including:

  • Create brand awareness and attract new customers – A study by the International Sign Association shows that half of customers learned about a business through its on-site signage. The same study also found an increase in sales by 7% can cause a 124% increase in profits.
  • Custom retail signs brand a company in the eyes of consumers – You want customers to think of your business when they need services or products that you offer. Custom retail signs will deliver the message of your business to customers in a well-designed and informative manner.
  • They are functional – Retail signage will direct customers to your products or promotions. Retail signage will help your business quickly and efficiently communicate with customers while enhancing their overall experience with your company.
  • Reinforce your company image and message by customizing your retail signs with your logo or brand message.
  • Share information with consumers such as new merchandise or products.
  • Avoid information overload when designing your retail signs. Most people only have a few seconds to absorb your message so avoid clutter by only sharing two or three main items about your company.

Tips For Powerful Point Of Purchase Displays

Powerful point of purchase displays also known as POP displays, will entice, engage and motivate the consumer. To get the most out of your point of purchase displays follow these tips for powerful results:

  • Do your research to find your target audience. If your target audience is children, then make sure your display is at their eye level.
  • Attract attention on point of purchase displays with bright bold designs, contrasting colors and shapes with large captivating fonts. Make it eye catching.
  • Show benefits. Let your customers know the benefits of purchasing this product.
  • Add call to actions for consumers to take action and do something. Buy 3 for the price of 2 or buy now are call to actions that will help consumers take an action and buy your product.
  • Put your POP display at the end of the isle. Endcap displays get the most attention followed by in-aisle floor displays.

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Vehicle Graphics For Advertising: Just How Effective Is It?

Vehicle Graphics For Advertising: Just How Effective Is It?

No matter what type of business you operate, it is not easy to create customer awareness using traditional advertising techniques. Businesses need to find a way to be “top of mind” when it comes to customer awareness about their products and services. This is where custom vehicle graphics come into play to create an effective advertising presence. Vehicle graphics for advertising purposes has the ability to reach a large daily audience while also offering a low investment rate compared to other types of advertising. A study by the Outdoor Advertising Association of America shows advertising with car graphics or wraps will increase the name recognition of a company up to fifteen times more than other forms of advertising. Plus, the same study said one custom vehicle graphic can produce between 30,000-70,000 impressions per day.

Car Decals & Vinyl Graphics vs Other Advertising Methods:

Now that you know some of the reasons why car decals and vehicle graphics for advertising your business is so effective, here is a look at the benefits of car decals over other advertising methods:

  • Car decals work 24/7 to deliver your message. Whether your fleet vehicles are on the road or simply parked in your company lot after hours, a car graphic or partial wrap is always visible and always promoting your marketing message.
  • Car decals, partial wraps and full wraps will reach more consumers. A study by the Outdoor Advertising Association of America shows car decals and wraps reach more consumers, at a lower cost per thousand impressions than other outdoor advertising, at around $.04 per thousand impressions.
  • Mobile advertising often reaches consumers that are not exposed to more traditional forms of advertising such as TV, newspapers and radio.
  • Auto decals travel to different areas of the city and the average vehicle, that is driven 15,000 miles per year, will pass in front of 9-million other vehicles.

Fleet Graphics: Tips For Effective Marketing And Branding

An important part of using a fleet graphics and wraps to advertise your business is following these tips to effectively market and brand your business:

  • Limit the advertising copy on your fleet graphics – Bullet points and and lists have no place on custom fleet graphics. Effective advertising copy only needs essential information such as the name of the company, a tagline and the website address. Any other copy serves no other purpose than being information overload.
  • Make your design stand out rather than fit in – While the information listed above is important, there is no reason for the information design to be too colorful or over the top. By eliminating too much color and visual noise, a greater impact can be made because other drivers can actually read and remember the information conveyed by the fleet graphic or wrap. The simplicity of the design stands out among the visual clutter on other vehicles.

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Direct Mail Success Secrets Of Getting Your Mail Opened

Direct Mail Success Secrets Of Getting Your Mail Opened

The issue facing anybody that utilizes a direct mail campaign, is getting a mail piece opened by their target audience. A successful direct mail campaign starts with designing a mail piece that catches the attention of people checking their mailboxes. Opening with a proposition or including product samples helps your direct mail piece stand out from regular pieces of mail. Including a sample makes your envelope “lumpy” and creates curiosity about the contents. A useful sample of your product, combined with an enticing offer, are key elements when it comes to success in getting customers to open, and act upon, your direct mail piece.

Direct Mail Fulfillment And Distribution Advantages

Direct mail fulfillment and distribution services offers numerous advantages including:

  • No matter how good a photo or graphics looks on a website or in an email, it looks better in real life when printed on a quality piece of paper. Your target audience is less likely to simply throw the mail piece in the trash if the design attracts their eye.
  • There is less competition when it comes to direct mail. While the average person receives hundreds of email each day, there are only 5-10 pieces of mail delivered each day to a mailbox. Your odds of standing out are greatly increased with direct mail.
  • Once the production process is finished, fulfillment and distribution services take the worry out of your hands. Our experienced team handles such diverse steps as binding the mail piece, shipping it to your mailing list at the lowest rates from the Post Office and storing additional direct mail pieces in case you want to do a follow-up mail campaign in the future.

Variable Data Printing Services

Variable data printing is a digital printing service in which various elements such as images, text and graphics can be changed from one printed piece to the next printed piece without having to stop or slow down the printing process. This means each piece can be customized to appear more personal and include different names and addresses on each letter or mail piece. This targeted approach has proven to be more effective than “cookie cutter” marketing such as “Dear Occupant”. According to Infosys, 86% of consumers say personalized marketing leads to a buying decision while the Aberdeen Group reports that 75% of consumers like it when a brand personalizes both their offers and their messaging.

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Offset Printing vs Digital Printing: The Difference

Offset Printing vs Digital Printing: The Difference

What is offset printing? What is digital printing? Are there differences between the two methods?

Offset printing uses plates to transfer an image onto a rubber “blanket”. The image is then rolled onto the printing surface. The reason it is called “offset” is because the ink is not transferred directly onto the paper. It has to be transferred. Offset printing is a good option when larger quantities need to be printed.

Instead of using plates, digital printing uses ink jet printing and lasers. The image is sent directly to the printer using digital files like a PDF or graphics from Illustrator. Money and time is saved because there is no need for a printing plate. Digital printing is the best option for lower print quantities. Plus, digital printing has variable data capacity which means items such as individual names and addresses can be placed on each piece.

What Is Offset Printing & The Advantages

Offset printing transfers ink from a printing plate onto a rubber sheet. The ink is then rolled onto/physically transferred onto a printing material. While this printing method is older than digital printing, there are many advantages to this method:

  • It has the ability to print larger quantities at a more cost effective price
  • Because larger quantities are often printed using this method, the price becomes lower as the number of pieces that are printed increases
  • Exceptional printing detail with the ability to use special custom inks during the printing process
  • The ability to print your materials using a wide variety of paper types as well as custom finishes

What is Digital Printing & The Advantages

Digital printing is a technique where digital-based images are directly printed onto media such as paper, canvas and cardstock. There is no need for a printing plate since digital files from desktop publishing files or a PDF can be sent directly to a digital printing press. The advantages of digital printing include:

  • Lower start-up cost since digital printing usually involves shorter print runs
  • You can print only the amount of pieces you need instead of having to produce a minimum print run number
  • Digital printing offers variable data capacity which means your print piece can include different names, addresses, copy and numbers on each piece that is printed
  • Faster turnaround time since there are no printing plates that need to be created

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Large Format Printing Delivers Powerful Marketing Strategies

Large Format Printing Delivers Powerful Marketing Strategies

The goal of any marketing strategy is to get the attention of existing and future customers. Large format printing increases the visibility of your marketing message. As the name of the service implies, large format printing services are hard to ignore. Signs and banners made with wide format printing are not overbearing. They attract attention by being big and captivating. The buzz created by large format printing helps build brands. In addition, the versatility of wide format printing helps you market your message using a variety of materials. From banners, poster and retail signs to walls and building exteriors, large format printing services let you market and brand in a cost effective manner while never sacrificing quality.

Wide Format Printing Advantages

Beyond being an eye-catching marketing tool, wide format printing offers other advantages to your business:

  • Cost effective exposure – The cost of signs or banners made with large format printing pays for itself quickly over the years. These professionally designed signs only need to be paid for once but they last for years. A large banner or sign hanging across your business will get more attention than a smaller sign even though they are comparable in cost.
  • Stand out from the crowd – Whether you work in a storefront or in a row of corporate business buildings, you want to stand out from the other businesses on your street. In addition, large format printing signs make your booth memorable to others at trade shows and outdoor events.

Large Format Printing Services

Large format printing has grown in popularity and, as the name suggests, supports maximum print roll width. This printing service gives you a bigger canvas to use wide images and text to deliver a marketing message to your target audience. During the printing process, the ink is applied directly onto the material and eliminates the need for printing plates. Large format printing services can be used on a number of products including posters, canvas, vinyl banners and wall graphics. Signs that are printed in a wide format use the same quality materials as other retail signage while executing your marketing strategy with a printed sign that commands the attention of your audience.

Put large format printing to work delivering a powerful marketing strategy for your business by contacting Magna IV for your wide format printing needs.

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Fleet Graphics & Wraps For Powerful Branding Tools

Fleet Graphics & Wraps For Powerful Branding Tools

Fleet graphics and wraps are a powerful branding tool for local businesses and franchises. A recent study showed that one vehicle wrapped in fleet graphics can generate up to 70,000 impressions/views per day. This cost effective advertising solution delivers your message to a mass audience each day. Our innovative commercial printing services create custom made fleets wraps that spotlight more than just your business name. Fleet graphics deliver a marketing message and brand your company thanks to eye catching graphics and repeat exposure to consumers driving on the road on a daily basis. Vehicle wraps transform your fleet from ordinary company vehicles to a dynamic 24/7 advertising force spotlighting your business.

Fleet Wraps & Graphics Benefits:

Fleet wraps and graphics offer a number of benefits including:

  • Mobile advertising opportunity – Billboards do not offer the mobile advertising opportunities of vehicle wraps. Travel the major highways or drive to the neighborhoods where your customers live, work and play.
  • Wide reach – Fleet wraps, featuring dynamic graphics, reach a wide range of consumers. A person not in the market for your services today might contact you in the future because of the impression made by your fleet graphics. The graphics featured on vehicles play a big part in the spending decisions made by consumers.
  • Cost effective – Radio and TV ads reach a large audience but have a limited life. You will need to update your copy or purchase a new ad schedule. Fleet wraps save money in the long run thanks to the one time cost for the design and placement of the graphics.

Commercial Printing Services

We are the leading provider of commercial printing services and are experts in the field of fleet graphics and wraps for businesses ranging from big franchises to “mom and pop shops”. Fleet wraps serve the dual purpose of protecting your vehicles from dings and scratches as well as branding your fleet and serving as a mobile marketing force that spreads your business message in the areas you target on a daily basis. Put our commercial printing services to work for your fleet. Whether the vehicles are parked in front of your business, where you are having lunch or in front of your house, a custom designed and created vehicle wrap makes an impression that consumers won’t forget.

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How to Create a Winning Trade Show Display

Trade Show, Custom Shelves, Eye Catching Graphic

Magna IV built custom shelves and added eye-catching graphic elements to a trade show booth for ICPG—all on flame-retardant foam core walls!

Your pitch is ready, and you’re all set to network at an upcoming trade show. But, is your booth eye-catching enough to stand out from the hundreds of other attendees? To help put your business over the edge, Magna IV is offering its tips to creating a winning trade show display:

  • Decide on your audience: The first step to creating an effective display? Determining your target demographic. Review the list of conference attendees and narrow in on those who would most benefit from your products or services. This will help you decide how to showcase your brand or tailor your sales pitch.
  • Amp up your visibility: Attendees will be confronted with hundreds, if not thousands, of booths at a trade show. That’s why it’s important to make a strong first impression. Place your company name or logo in a prominent position and add a tagline so people are able to quickly understand what you do.
  • Keep it simple: No one has the time to read panels of promotional materials. Skip the text-heavy display and instead opt for concise messages in a bold, easy-to-read font with high-quality graphics.
  • Create an experience: Make it easy for attendees to easily see the benefits of your products or services. Use touch screens, provide demonstrations or add easy-to-reach shelves with different items to spark engagement with new business prospects.
  • Expand your reach: The show’s over, but you want your company to remain at the top of prospects’ minds. Offer branded items, samples or promotional giveaways so attendees remember your business the next time they need to place an order.

Magna IV has the capabilities to help any business create a memorable display. Contact us at 800-946-2462.

Custom Modular signage, Trade Show Custom

Magna IV printed and shipped custom modular signage systems to nearly 30 Gold’s Gym locations nationwide.

foam core, custom shelving, unique display, cost-effective, trade show booth

Magna IV printed directly onto foam core for a cost-effective trade show booth with custom shelving and unique display features.