Business Signage: What Your Competitors Already Know

Business signage that grab the attention of customers is a key element your competitors already know about using custom business signage. They also know it is tempting to fill all of the available space. However, your business signage will be viewed from a distance so any design elements must be extra large to be seen and understood. Targeted placement near the building of your competitors, exposes your message to a quality sampling of consumers including the customers of your competition. Here are some of our popular signage and display products:

  • Indoor & outdoor signs
  • Ceiling danglers & shelf danglers
  • POP displays, POS displays, Endcap displays, trade show displays, life-size cutouts
  • Floor graphics
  • Banners
  • Window clings
  • Vehicle graphics
  • & More

Retail Signage Benefits:

Retail signage offers many benefits including:

  • Create brand awareness and attract new customers – A study by the International Sign Association shows that half of customers learned about a business through its on-site signage. The same study also found an increase in sales by 7% can cause a 124% increase in profits.
  • Custom retail signs brand a company in the eyes of consumers – You want customers to think of your business when they need services or products that you offer. Custom retail signs will deliver the message of your business to customers in a well-designed and informative manner.
  • They are functional – Retail signage will direct customers to your products or promotions. Retail signage will help your business quickly and efficiently communicate with customers while enhancing their overall experience with your company.
  • Reinforce your company image and message by customizing your retail signs with your logo or brand message.
  • Share information with consumers such as new merchandise or products.
  • Avoid information overload when designing your retail signs. Most people only have a few seconds to absorb your message so avoid clutter by only sharing two or three main items about your company.

Tips For Powerful Point Of Purchase Displays

Powerful point of purchase displays also known as POP displays, will entice, engage and motivate the consumer. To get the most out of your point of purchase displays follow these tips for powerful results:

  • Do your research to find your target audience. If your target audience is children, then make sure your display is at their eye level.
  • Attract attention on point of purchase displays with bright bold designs, contrasting colors and shapes with large captivating fonts. Make it eye catching.
  • Show benefits. Let your customers know the benefits of purchasing this product.
  • Add call to actions for consumers to take action and do something. Buy 3 for the price of 2 or buy now are call to actions that will help consumers take an action and buy your product.
  • Put your POP display at the end of the isle. Endcap displays get the most attention followed by in-aisle floor displays.

Now that you’ve learned what your competitors already know about business signage and displays, create your own powerful business signs by calling us at 501-376-2397.

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Vehicle Graphics For Advertising: Just How Effective Is It?

No matter what type of business you operate, it is not easy to create customer awareness using traditional advertising techniques. Businesses need to find a way to be “top of mind” when it comes to customer awareness about their products and services. This is where custom vehicle graphics come into play to create an effective advertising presence. Vehicle graphics for advertising purposes has the ability to reach a large daily audience while also offering a low investment rate compared to other types of advertising. A study by the Outdoor Advertising Association of America shows advertising with car graphics or wraps will increase the name recognition of a company up to fifteen times more than other forms of advertising. Plus, the same study said one custom vehicle graphic can produce between 30,000-70,000 impressions per day.

Car Decals & Vinyl Graphics vs Other Advertising Methods:

Now that you know some of the reasons why car decals and vehicle graphics for advertising your business is so effective, here is a look at the benefits of car decals over other advertising methods:

  • Car decals work 24/7 to deliver your message. Whether your fleet vehicles are on the road or simply parked in your company lot after hours, a car graphic or partial wrap is always visible and always promoting your marketing message.
  • Car decals, partial wraps and full wraps will reach more consumers. A study by the Outdoor Advertising Association of America shows car decals and wraps reach more consumers, at a lower cost per thousand impressions than other outdoor advertising, at around $.04 per thousand impressions.
  • Mobile advertising often reaches consumers that are not exposed to more traditional forms of advertising such as TV, newspapers and radio.
  • Auto decals travel to different areas of the city and the average vehicle, that is driven 15,000 miles per year, will pass in front of 9-million other vehicles.

Fleet Graphics: Tips For Effective Marketing And Branding

An important part of using a fleet graphics and wraps to advertise your business is following these tips to effectively market and brand your business:

  • Limit the advertising copy on your fleet graphics – Bullet points and and lists have no place on custom fleet graphics. Effective advertising copy only needs essential information such as the name of the company, a tagline and the website address. Any other copy serves no other purpose than being information overload.
  • Make your design stand out rather than fit in – While the information listed above is important, there is no reason for the information design to be too colorful or over the top. By eliminating too much color and visual noise, a greater impact can be made because other drivers can actually read and remember the information conveyed by the fleet graphic or wrap. The simplicity of the design stands out among the visual clutter on other vehicles.

If you are ready to put effective fleet wrap advertising to work for your business, call us at 501-376-2397.

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