Why Retail Graphics Are Crucial For Visual Merchandising

Retail graphics elevate the look of a merchandising display and also set the tone of your store. Retail displays showcase products and let customers know what to expect when shopping at a business. Displays at retail stores should not be thrown together at the last minute. Making proper use of the available space can help you group products and create a theme that retail printing services can enhance in the minds of consumers. Too many patterns and clashing colors distract customers because they don’t have a focal point that guides the eyes to certain products. Create a visual presentation that clearly delivers the point you want to make about a product or a promotion. Once the sale or promotion has ended, update your retail graphics to keep customers engaged and interested in your newest spotlighted product.

Retail Displays & Signage Tips To Maximize Sales

Make the most of your retail display to maximize sales:

  • Effective retail graphics contain promotional, directional or informational copy that gives customers the details they desire. Providing visual cues is a way to guide consumers through the store in a strategic manner while providing vital information about products and services at a glance.
  • Group your products in a logical manner when creating retail displays. Placing products together grabs the attention of customers while also telling a visual story of how the products fit together. Don’t be too “matchy-matchy” with the items because including an object that seems a bit different from the others can make customers stop and take a closer look at the display.
  • Hang vinyl banners outside the store to advertise seasonal sales or events, Use bright colors to catch the eye of customers and a solid colored background to make your product message stand out.

Magna IV Retail Printing Services For Experience That Matters

Retail graphics are a crucial component in influencing the final buying decision made by customers. Experience matters when it comes to retail printing services and Magna IV has been providing high-quality print products and solutions for more than 40 years. We use the latest print technology to create retail graphics that get the attention of customers. The design and creation of retail displays has evolved greatly over the past four decades and our experienced team has been at the forefront of these changes. We design and create engaging visual merchandising graphics that encourage customer interaction and influence the final buying decision.

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Convenience Store Graphics Is Your Silent Salesperson

Salespeople are seen as the front line of sales in a retail business. While they are an important part of informing customers about the products and services offered, convenience store graphics actually greet customers first and can be seen as a silent salesperson. C-store graphics grab the attention of customers and create interest in the products available for purchase. Once the consumer enters the store, floor graphics continue to influence customer buying decisions by leading a person directly to the products or specials businesses want to spotlight in the store. Even though the graphics are directing customers to certain products or sections of the store, the consumers do not feel pressured to make a purchase by an actual salesperson since they are subtly being influenced by custom made graphics and/or a POP display.

C-Store Graphics Benefits

C-store graphics offer multiple benefits to businesses:

  • Informative convenience store graphics highlight the many features and benefits of the spotlighted merchandise
  • Customers are encouraged to make impulse purchases of items they didn’t even realize they wanted until they viewed them in the store
  • Colorful graphics attract the attention of customers and draw them to a display to learn more about the product
  • C-store graphics can be updated and changed to reflect products that are popular at certain times of the year instead of being static in nature

Floor Graphics Are Walking Opportunities

As customers walk through the store, take advantage of this marketing opportunity to increase sales. The cost of producing floor graphics to promote a product or company is much smaller in comparison to a traditional billboard. Convenience store graphics that are placed on the floor have the flexibility to be an inexpensive short-term signage solution as well as durable enough to be a long-lasting branding tool. Floor graphics are noticed by customers because they are paying attention to where they are walking in addition to naturally looking down to view what is on the floor in front of them. Making customers focus their attention downward to the floor narrows their attention to the C-store graphics at their feet. This allows the content to have more of an impact and influence the buying decision of consumers.

Put convenience store graphics, AKA “the silent salesperson”, to work for your C-store by contacting our design team today.

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