How Cross-Media Marketing For Banks Connects With Customers

The attention of customers is divided each day as they go on social media, check emails and find other ways to consume different media. Cross-media marketing takes all of these various marketing methods into account when designing a good media mix to target and connect with customers that banks want to reach. The various channels of communication are combined to find the most effective balance to reach the customer. In many ways, the media mix is designed so it seems like the bank is everywhere at once. The more places that customers see the marketing message for the bank, the more likely they are to engage with the bank thanks to the unified marketing campaign.

Media Mix For Financial Institutions Targets Your Audience

The media mix in cross-media marketing targets the audience of your financial institution with these components:

  • Email marketing combines a low cost with unlimited targeting options to reach customers. In addition, banks can increase their email response rate with generic or personalized urls that create a call to action.
  • A recent report shows that 76% of consumers trust direct mail when making a purchase decision. Variable data printing allows banks to personalize their direct mail pieces with different graphics, fonts and colors that grow the direct mail response rate.
  • Cross-media marketing efforts can include a variable data map that allows us to map the address of the recipients to their nearest bank branch.
  • Consumers spend about a third of their time on social media. Banks can capitalize on the power of social media to effectively target different demographics and create multiple customer lists.
  • It’s been reported that 97% of all text messages are opened within three minutes. Banks can use text messaging for instant and effective ongoing customer outreach.

Drip Marketing Campaigns For Banks & Financial Institutions

Drip marketing campaigns for banks and financial institutions are conducted using a series of emails that are sent out on a schedule. Drip marketing campaign emails can be created in advance and then sent out on a schedule determined by the bank. Before starting the drip marketing campaign, it is important to set realistic goals that can be achieved with cross-media marketing. Create content using a media mix that can achieve the desired goals using a call to action in the emails. Banks should be prepared to make necessary changes along the way depending on the rate of response and other key performance indicators.
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Why Are Marketing Portals Vital For Consistent Branding?

When it comes to promoting a business, the marketing message needs to be consistent to avoid any customer confusion. Online marketing portals help your business achieve consistent branding by allowing you to order all of your print and marketing materials in one location.

Branding is what identifies your goods and services from the goods and services of other companies. Branding gives you a distinct identity in the eyes of consumers and makes you top of mind to customers. Marketing portals allow you to customize and order all of your online and print materials from one convenient location. By using the same location to create and order these materials, the web-to-print process ensures that the same colors, logos, and dimensions are used for all of the materials which provide a level of consistency to the finished product.

How Online Marketing Portals Function

Take a look below to see how online marketing portals function:

  • The first step in creating marketing portals is building the portal so it includes the logo, branding colors and other creative elements.
  • Next, designated users are given secure access to the online marketing portal so they can easily find, and use, the approved marketing materials. This makes ordering the needed products easy and convenient for authorized users.
  • Finally, users are able to proof the materials they requested before placing their final order online. With Magna IV, the order goes directly into our workflow.

Web-To-Print Digital Storefronts Save Time And Money

Web-to-print digital storefronts save time and money by offering centralized billing and reporting. This allows online marketing portal users to view the project cost as well as the expected time frame before the final product is ready to ship. Marketing portals also allow companies the chance to edit or customize materials, along with ordering inventory, within the portal. This step saves valuable time as all tasks can be accomplished in the online marketing portal instead of being routed to another department before the project can be executed and placed before customers.

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