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How the Landscape of Nonprofits is Changing

Spotify ads. Email blasts. Text updates. Are you juggling multiple communications channels, but still can’t get donors to contribute to your cause? Magna IV is here to help. Steven Schilling, our senior account executive and in-house nonprofit expert, recently shared tips with Arkansas Money & Politics Magazine on how to attract and retain donors in today’s […]

Making Your Mark with Fleet Graphics

Looking to build brand awareness? Visibility is key! Instead of simply using your company vehicles to transport goods or provide services, consider adding fleet graphics to maximize your business’ visibility and leave a lasting impression with your current and prospective customers. Need even more convincing? Numerous studies now report that fleet graphics are the most […]

Magna IV, Rebranded

Notice anything different? Over the past few weeks, we’ve given our brand and website a major facelift. Why? Because in our more than four decades in business, Magna IV has moved beyond our traditional printing capabilities to encompass new technologies. Today, our experienced team can do just about anything. We can execute multi-media marketing campaigns. […]

What Can Direct Mail do for You?

Every so often we get the question, “Does Direct Mail work?” or “Is Direct Mail still viable considering the rising postage costs?” In a society that thrives on technology and social media, the benefits that direct mail continues to offer is often overlooked.