Why Are Marketing Portals Vital For Consistent Branding?

When it comes to promoting a business, the marketing message needs to be consistent to avoid any customer confusion. Online marketing portals help your business achieve consistent branding by allowing you to order all of your print and marketing materials in one location.

Branding is what identifies your goods and services from the goods and services of other companies. Branding gives you a distinct identity in the eyes of consumers and makes you top of mind to customers. Marketing portals allow you to customize and order all of your online and print materials from one convenient location. By using the same location to create and order these materials, the web-to-print process ensures that the same colors, logos, and dimensions are used for all of the materials which provide a level of consistency to the finished product.

How Online Marketing Portals Function

Take a look below to see how online marketing portals function:

  • The first step in creating marketing portals is building the portal so it includes the logo, branding colors and other creative elements.
  • Next, designated users are given secure access to the online marketing portal so they can easily find, and use, the approved marketing materials. This makes ordering the needed products easy and convenient for authorized users.
  • Finally, users are able to proof the materials they requested before placing their final order online. With Magna IV, the order goes directly into our workflow.

Web-To-Print Digital Storefronts Save Time And Money

Web-to-print digital storefronts save time and money by offering centralized billing and reporting. This allows online marketing portal users to view the project cost as well as the expected time frame before the final product is ready to ship. Marketing portals also allow companies the chance to edit or customize materials, along with ordering inventory, within the portal. This step saves valuable time as all tasks can be accomplished in the online marketing portal instead of being routed to another department before the project can be executed and placed before customers.

Find out how to get your marketing portal active and working for your business when you contact us today.

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