About Magna IV

Since opening its doors back in 1975, Magna IV has prided itself on forward thinking—skillfully blending the latest technological advances with highly trained and passionate people. This mindset has allowed Magna IV to successfully evolve from its humble beginnings to become a leading print and marketing company in the mid-South—serving diverse clients from coast to coast.

For more than 40 years now, Magna IV has built a winning reputation among corporations, non-profits, restaurants, retailers, higher education institutions, manufacturers and more. Every day, it strives to exceed customers’ expectations by providing them the expertise and high-quality print and marketing products their businesses need to succeed. It handles every detail—from design to production—so customers can focus on what they do best.

At Magna IV, all the work is done under one roof. Whether it’s setting up an online marketing portal to manage customers’ brand collateral or creating a multi-channel marketing campaign to drive engagement among key audiences, Magna IV has the expertise to meet any client’s needs. And when a project arises and an outside partner is required, it utilizes strategic alliances that it trusts to get the job done. Magna IV’s facility is equipped to handle any type of printing service—digital, offset, wide format, variable data—as well as fulfillment and mailing services. Its capabilities are as varied as its clientele.

Meet Our Founders

Gary and Pat Middleton with their son, Kent.

After jumping head first into printing in high school, Gary Middleton played numerous roles in the industry—from plate making to color contact separating. With printing undergoing rapid changes, Gary and his wife, Pat, decided to take a risk and open their own printing business. Magna IV officially opened in 1975. With Pat filling in as the company’s receptionist, bookkeeper and even part-time delivery driver, she and Gary were able to steadily expand the business. They acquired several prominent printers in the region, including Diversatype in 1991, International Graphics in 1997, Parkin Printing in 1998 and Peerless Engraving in 2007.

Recently the Middletons retired and handed the reins over to Kent Middleton, their son and current CEO, and Kristi Dannelley, president and long-time employee.

Magna IV

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