Cost Effective Promotional Marketing for Gold’s Gym

With over 160 locations nationwide, Gold’s Gym is constantly thinking of new promotions to keep things fun for its current clients and bring new customers into its facilities. So when Magna IV took on Gold’s Gym as a client, they immediately made the gyms’ monthly promotional kits its top priority.

These promotional kits contain a number of different items—banners, wall clings, posters, flyers, you name it. Because these kits and Gold’s Gym promotions are regularly changing, Lisa Wooten, Kaytie Burrow and the team at Magna IV must always be ready.

First, Magna IV has to ensure the gyms receive all the promotional materials prior to the first of the month. Then, they have to determine the appropriate product mix for each gym. Some gyms might get new posters, but no wall clings. Others might get promotional postcards, but no banner. This doesn’t even include the gym-specific promotions. This could be a major headache to coordinate, but Magna IV has got the process down.

Lisa, Kaytie and their team at Magna IV coordinate directly with Gold’s Gym marketing and retail departments to make sure they have all the advertisement and retail products prepared when they need them. One way Magna keeps up to date on projects in the pipeline is through an online collaboration tool that organizes projects into boards. This tool allows Magna IV to know weeks, if not months in advance what they’ll need for the next project.  And because they’re always looking ahead to the next month and the next batch of promotional kits, Magna IV is always prepared with the right packaging materials for each job. Certain boxes may incur very high up charges and Magna IV works to avoid these by carefully planning in advance. Also, they’ve set up quality control checks in the process so they know ahead of time if something is going to be an issue for Gold’s Gym—whether it’s a specialty embossed product or new type of retail sign.

This seamless pre-planning process has saved Gold’s Gym countless hours of back-and-forth. It’s also reduced unnecessary printing costs. Just like it’s done for Gold’s Gym, Magna IV will always do whatever it takes to make it happen for their clients. If you need help with your next printing or marketing project, contact Lisa Wooten at 501-210-2564 or Kaytie Burrow at 501-376-2397.

Each Gold’s Gym location has specific needs and requirements in marketing materials. Kaytie Burrow has simplified a complex situation so that each gym can get the materials they need quickly and easily.

The quality of service is fantastic! We often need stuff on short notice and you guys always come through for us, no matter the deadline.