Retail Solutions | Amplifying Your Marketing Efforts

Magna IV is proud to partner with some of the nation’s biggest retail players, including Dillard’s Department Stores, I.O. Metro, Gold’s Gym, ConAgra Foods and others to offer retail printing solutions. It works hand-in-hand with retailers’ marketing and design teams, as well as procurement departments and store managers, to deploy the highest-quality products into the marketplace and increase customers’ response and purchase rates.

With Magna IV’s online marketing portal, retailers are able to protect branding standards while having the option to customize marketing materials for different store locations. This print automation tool allows stores to order gift cardholders, coupons, point-of-purchase displays and more. Magna IV can even do the kitting, fulfillment and distribution on-site so marketing materials reach stores and customers even quicker.

Magna IV also takes advantage of multi-channel marketing—using personalized mailings, text messages, landing pages and more—to capture current and potential customers’ attention. This cross-media platform provides retailers with a response management tool to track customers’ responses, refine marketing lists and easily distribute up-to-date information to individual recipients or large lists.

Here are just a few of the other services Magna IV provides to its retail partners:

  • Creative Services
  • Multi-Channel Marketing
  • Custom Point-of-Purchase and Point-of-Sale Displays
  • Fulfillment & Distribution
  • Sign and Label Printing
  • Coupons & Gift Card Holders
  • End Cap Displays
  • Online Marketing Portals
  • Direct Mail Services

Read more about how Kaytie Burrow helped Gold’s Gym retail shops streamline its monthly promotional rollouts to get new products into the market quicker. Then check out some of Magna IV’s engaging point-of-purchase and point-of-sale displays or contact us below to learn more about our retail printing solutions.

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