Cross Media Marketing

Looking for a way to connect with current or potential customers? By taking advantage of Magna IV’s cross media marketing capabilities, businesses can now tailor their marketing collateral with personalized mailings, text messages, customized landing pages and more to increase customers’ response and purchase rates.

Magna IV’s cross-media platform also includes a detailed response management tool that businesses can use to track customers’ responses, refine their marketing lists and instantly distribute up-to-date information to individual customers or large lists. Contact Magna IV for all your cross media marketing needs and watch your business grow.


The benefits of multi-channel marketing are massive. By utilizing various marketing platforms it enables the business to get their message across multiple channels. With a multi-channel marketing campaign, Magna IV can include:

  • Personalized Direct Mail uses variable data printing to allow personalization to each printed piece without stopping the print process. Personalized direct mailing service is cost-effective with increased response rates and a higher return on investment.
  • Email Marketing is an effective marketing strategy used to convert prospects into customers.
  • Text Messaging will reach a large amount of people with text messaging.
  • Personalized URLs (PURLs) will increase response rate to the direct mail campaigns.
  • Generic URLs (GURLs) are a generic version of a PURL
  • Drip Marketing Campaigns is also known as drip campaigns. A powerful email that will get your message to your targeted audience improving results and converting leads into sales.


The more targeted a direct mail campaign, the higher the response rates and ROI. A PURL is a personalized website or landing page that incorporates the recipient’s name. For example, PURLS are used primarily to increase response to direct mail campaigns. The PURL is placed on a direct mail piece and the recipient is encouraged to log on to the PURL.


When the direct mail recipient logs on to the PURL, the database is used to create a custom web page for that particular person. We call this a personalized landing page. When Shelly visits her landing page, she finds information that is relevant specifically to her, which keeps her engaged longer and more likely to buy. More importantly, after Shelly logs in, the website can track her activity and tailor future communications based on her behavior.

Purls in Multi-Channel Marketing

Why use cross media marketing?

The more you can open a two-way line of communication between you and your prospective clients, the better! PURLs help you to pose questions and receive answers online. Once information is captured, you can respond to those interested right away, without delaying the buying process. By combining both print and the web, you can take advantage of immediacy, tracking and instant response to the internet.

Cross Media Marketing

Variable data printing campaigns are cost-effective and powerful tools for building a client database, increasing awareness, and staying in front of customers. The end result of a successful VDP campaign is a database of information.

Check out real customer testimonials from Magna IV’s quality services and get started with our powerful cross media marketing campaigns.

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