UV Printing Services With Ultra-Violet Print Reticulation

UV Printing With Ultra-Violet Print Reticulation

Magna IV’s UV printing services utilize ultra-violet (UV) printing capabilities. We can produce print and marketing collateral with vivid colors, greater opacity, sharper details, higher abrasion, and longer lifespans. Unlike conventional offset printing, UV ink dries within seconds so print jobs are able to move onto the next production step and enter the marketplace quicker. This environmentally friendly technique can be used on a wide variety of surfaces, including paper, plastic, foil, synthetics, vinyl and more.

Magna IV offers a variety of special coatings like matte, high gloss, and satin as well as soft feel coatings to give substrates a smooth, velvet-like  texture. It can even apply a high-gloss varnish on top of the soft feel to accentuate images or bold type to give marketing collateral even more “pop!” Learn about our UV press printer.

UV Printing With Ultra-Violet Print Reticulation

Unlike other printers, Magna IV can do ultra-violet print reticulation. UV printing gives materials a higher contrast, three-dimensional look. It can also apply raised spot coating, which can add texture to specific items, such as salt on the rim of a margarita glass or water drops on a leaf. In addition to these finishes, Magna IV can add an assortment of finishes and inks like grit, glitter, glow in the dark, curable silver, liquid foil, textured, scratch off and optic white.

A few of Magna IV’s UV products include:

  • UV Brochures
  • UV Menus
  • UV Magazines
  • UV Packaging
  • UV Pocket folders
  • UV Postcards

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