Bold Large Format Graphics for ConAgra Foods

In today’s print and marketing world, things are constantly evolving. Magna IV is staying ahead of the curve by expanding its capabilities to deliver on every project it undertakes. So when Catapult Marketing, an international shopper-marketing agency, needed one of its client’s projects fulfilled, they contacted Magna IV to assist with the job.

Catapult had recently partnered with ConAgra Foods on a project for The Jones Center, a recreation and community center in Springdale, which was undergoing a renovation for its 20-year anniversary. Catapult and ConAgra had designed a new, modern space for the center’s large pool area—including new wall graphics, window clings and branded swim towels.

Once Catapult completed the designs for the pool area, it handed the project over to the team at Magna IV for production and installation. First, Magna IV printed the large vinyl wall installations, which consisted of four large displays 25×20 feet each. Because the wall graphic was so large, Magna IV had to hang the panels in strips. It took four days—and the help of many employees—to fully install it. Next came the window clings. As it does with all of its products, Magna IV used a thorough trial process. Before production began, they developed a number of samples at different opacity levels to ensure the right color match. Once on site they had to custom fit the clings because of the many various window sizes.

When the Jones Center hosted its ribbon cutting ceremony with the local chamber and partner brands, the new pool space received a great reception. The changes Magna IV helped Catapult and ConAgra implement will ensure that the center continues to provide the northwest Arkansas community with a quality, family-fun environment for years to come.

Bernice Jones had a dream of providing a place where the people of her community could come together to learn, play and belong. In 1995, she gave The Jones Center to the Northwest Arkansas region as a gift. She believed in recreation as a way to serve families, strengthen community and make this area a better place to live.

The quality of service is fantastic! We often need stuff on short notice and you guys always come through for us, no matter the deadline.