Informed Delivery Interactive Campaigns With Magna IV

Magna IV’s Informed Delivery Interactive Campaigns are powerful in engaging your audience with a direct mail digital marketing campaign that generates massive impressions and interactions. We utilize USPS Informed Delivery for mailings over 200 pieces. This lets customers view mail before it is delivered. Our enticing interactive campaign will grab your customers attention generating extensive impressions and interactions.

How Magna IV’s Informed Delivery Interactive Campaigns Work:

  1. Magna IV’s design team will work with you to create a spectacular physical direct mailer. An interactive email image that compliments the mail with vibrant text and graphics is also included. The image is created in full color to be eye-catching and inviting.

    Informed Delivery

    Full Color Postcard Image

  2. Magna IV will help you select or create a landing page clients can access in their inbox through the digital image. The interactive element of the image enhances the experience by encouraging customers to click the CTA, reinforcing the objective of the mail.

    Informed Delivery

    Ride Along Image with CTA

  3. Once your design is approved, we work with USPS to upload the images to the gateway server of the post office. We also provide a URL link that takes customers to a website page, allowing the completion of the CTA. We provide reporting on the click through success rate.
    Informed Delivery
  4. Customers who have registered for Informed Delivery Interactive Campaigns will receive a colorful, eye-catching image of the mail piece instead of the grayscale image from the post office. The email notification will notify the customer of the direct mail piece that will be arriving in their mail. The interactive image encourages customers to click on the Personalized URL for more information about products, services or promotions. It’s an interactive way to create interest for your mail piece and get customers excited about the physical mail piece. The images allow you to connect with customers whenever it is convenient for them, on any type of device they prefer.Informed Delivery
  5. Magna IV’s Informed Delivery Interactive Campaigns is not simply limited to traditional direct mail services. Letters as well as flat mailers of all sizes and postage rates are eligible. We work with you to create custom mail pieces that promote your business, brand your company and deliver your message.

Informed Delivery Direct Mail Campaign Options

Magna IV’s direct mail, combined with USPS Informed Delivery Interactive, offers multiple options to increase response. Some of the more notable examples include:

  • Promotional codes – Send a special code that can only be viewed by clicking on the link.
  • Rewards program – Create a rewards program that builds loyalty and encourages customers to continue to build points by engaging with the digital image.
  • Sales – While the physical mail advertises certain promotions, Informed Delivery images can include sales specials for those with Informed Delivery and double your ROI.
  • Registration – Increase your customer database by having users register on your website via a CTA.
  • Subscription renewal – Make renewing a subscription as easy as a click of a button with Informed Delivery Interactive Campaigns.

Benefits Of USPS Informed Delivery Interactive Campaigns For Direct Mail

Here are some of the benefits of using USPS Informed Delivery Interactive Campaigns for your direct mail marketing efforts:

  • The response rate for Informed Delivery is high. According to the USPS website, 83.6% of email recipients studied by the post office opened their email notifications!
  • Interactive content drives a high consumer response rate with 70% of customers saying they open notifications daily.
  • Informed Delivery Interactive Campaigns have a high return on investment as 95% of users say they are satisfied with the service because of the increased number of opened emails and clicks on the CTA.

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