Giving a Fresh Look to Mars’ 100+ Year History

When Mars, Inc. decided to open a brand-new office building in Northwest Arkansas in 2017, it had a key goal in mind. It wanted to transform the 33,000-square-foot space into a fresh and modern facility for customers and associates to feel welcomed and inspired. Yet, it also wanted to strike the right balance between the contemporary aesthetic and long-standing vision and history of its brands. The Mars team created the story and themes and leveraged the print and marketing experts at Magna IV to make their vision come to life with large format wall graphics. Magna IV partnered with the Mars team working hand-in-hand to ensure optimal quality.

“Magna IV was not just printer, they were true partners in the process. The Magna IV team was fantastic at communication providing feedback to ensure the highest quality execution. When we presented out of the box ideas, Magna IV made it happen with no hesitation. By the end of the project it felt like the Magna team was part of the Mars family because they cared about the project as much as we did.” – Mars team lead

The Mars team wanted to highlight all of the brands they sell in their field office in their lobby with custom-made hexagonal plates. Magna IV team worked to ensure the scale and installation was efficient and flexible to future demands.
The Mars team decided to create different “themed” conference rooms to showcase key brands like M&M’S®, STARBURST®, UNCLE BEN’S® and PEDIGREE® to give both customers and associates the full Mars Inc. experience. The Mars team designed many of the rooms in low resolution and relied on the graphic designers at the Magna IV team to redesign the wall graphics for optimal quality.

The Mars team’s vision was to have consistent design principles and materials to provide continuity across the different brands. To accomplish this, Magna IV printed and installed brightly colored, oversized vinyl wall graphics of each Mars product brands with its large format equipment in gathering spaces throughout the building. It then produced frosted vinyl graphics, which were installed on the outer glass walls of each space to maintain the building’s open feel.

Magna IV continued the building’s branding with cut contour wall graphics featuring Mars’ “The Five Principles” and full-scale “heritage wall,” which traced company’s lineage and more than 100-year history.

With these new pieces in place, Mars Inc. was ready to move in. Thanks to Magna IV’s brand activation support, the new office building is able to keep its team and customers excited and invested in Mars’ continued growth and success.

When Mars Inc. opened its new office building in Northwest Arkansas, it looked to the experts at Magna IV to help bring its vision to life through custom signs, wall graphics and more.

The quality of service is fantastic! We often need stuff on short notice and you guys always come through for us, no matter the deadline.