Mary Owen Parker | Marketing Coordinator

Mary Owen Parker serves as our Marketing Coordinator and Executive Assistant to the President and CEO, Kristi Dannelley. In this role, Mary Owen is responsible for assisting the CEO in various administrative and marketing duties. In addition, she also creates marketing content to work and execute all marketing initiatives in an organized and timely manner. Her hope is to share her love and passion for helping and serving others through her meaningful work in marketing, communications, and digital marketing.

Mary Owen is a Louisiana girl through and through. Prior to Magna IV, she worked in sales for two years in a quaint town in North Louisiana. She moved to Little Rock a year and a half ago to complete her bachelor’s degree at University of Arkansas at Little Rock.  In her junior year of college she was selected for a communications internship in her school’s Applied Communication Department. There, she assisted students with public speaking anxiety and developing better communication skills both inside and outside the classroom. In her final semester of undergrad, Mary Owen was hand-selected for an intern position in Public Relations and Marketing at a psychiatric hospital located in North Little Rock, Arkansas. In this role at The Bridgeway Hospital, she worked alongside the marketing team and mobile assessors and handled a myriad of extensive marketing projects.

Mary Owen holds a bachelor’s degree in Applied Communication as well as a minor in Psychology from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. The youngest of four, she has three older brothers who taught her everything she knows and she hopes to always make them proud in every aspect of life. Family is everything to Mary Owen as she spends most weekends traveling to Louisiana, Tennessee, and Kentucky visiting those whom she loves most. Mary Owen wholeheartedly believes that there’s nothing a day on the lake can’t fix; sunshine is the best medicine. Find her at the nearest Mexican restaurant on Friday nights elbow deep in a large cheese dip and guacamole!