Variable Data Printing: What Your Boss Wants To Know

Variable data printing is ideal for businesses that want to customize print projects without having to commit to an overly large number of print pieces. Variable data printing services utilize software to alter the output produced by a digital printing press. This allows businesses to personalize each piece that is printed with such items as different names with each address as well as individual graphics for each printed item. Statistics show that personalized marketing gets people to remember marketing messages and act on them. According to the Aberdeen Group, 75% of consumers like brands that personalize their message and offers while Infosys says 86% of consumers say their buying decision is influenced by personalized marketing.

Benefits Of Variable Data Printing

The benefits of variable data printing include:

  • The ability to change information without having to create a new printing plate each time. Some of the information that can easily be changed during variable data printing includes the name of the person, their address, the incentive or deal being offered on the printed piece and even the spoken language on the printed piece.
  • Artwork and overall design.
  • The opportunity to create web pages that are specific to the recipient along with opt-in marketing elements. Variable data printing allows for web and direct mail integration that is seamless in its execution.

Variable Data Printing Services For Personalized Marketing

Variable data printing services gives businesses the opportunity to create personalized marketing messages. Using data from past interactions with customers to simply making sure the printed marketing piece is addressed directly to the targeted consumer, companies can reach customers and make them feel that the incentive or savings being offered has them specifically in mind. Variable data printing not only delivers the intended marketing message, it also creates a feeling of brand trust and loyalty in the minds of the audience.

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What Is Multi-Channel Marketing?

What Is Multi-Channel Marketing?

Multi-channel marketing refers to the practice of interacting with customers through a combination of direct and indirect channels. Some examples of these channels include websites, email, direct mail, retail outlets and mail order catalogs. The choices allows customers to choose the channel that best suits their lifestyle and lets them take action in response to the interaction initiated by the company. In addition, the number of available channels grows with each passing year. The need to embrace and utilize multi-channel marketing is an important part of any successful business plan.

Benefits Of Multi-Channel Marketing

Some benefits of multi-channel marketing include:

  • Not all people are receptive to the same channels of communications. Multi-channel marketing allows businesses to reach customers via different channels. In turn, this helps a company determine which channels are most preferred by a person.
  • The message shared by a company can be customized to best fit the delivery method. For example, text messages traditionally work best with short messages that have a sense of urgency to them. Emails are better suited for longer messages with a strong visual design. Facebook and Twitter are ideal for messages created with the hope that they will go viral.
  • An ad often needs to be repeated to get the attention of people. Repeating a message using different channels is more effective than simply repeating it using only a single channel. Multiple channels can complement each other and reinforce the message.

Cross Media Marketing Services That Attracts Attention

Getting the attention of customers, as well as keeping it, is not an easy task. Cross media marketing takes a marketing message and implements it through a variety of mediums. For example, summer movies are promoted with TV ads as well as toys and tie-ins with fast food restaurants and magazine covers. Marketing ads and media tie-ins can now be executed through social media, mobile phone apps, websites and videos. The use of multiple marketing mediums gives advertisers a better opportunity to reach a large audience and deliver their message through various channels.

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