STOP! 4 Ways to Improve COVID-19 Customer Signage

Has your business experienced declining foot traffic since reopening? Are shoppers hesitant to enter or linger in your shop? You may be losing customer because of confusing health and safety signage. According to a recent study, consumers are 80% more likely to shop at locations with clear COVID-19-related signs. Companies without this type of collateral are seeing 40% drops in foot traffic. The good news? You can get those customers back in the door by with these four tips to improve COVID-19 customer signage:

Set Expectations at the Entrance

Put customers’ minds at ease by laying out your company’s strict health and safety guidelines before they enter the store. This may include stipulating mask use, symptom checks and social distancing measures. Most importantly, focus on reassuring consumers you are taking the virus—and their safety—seriously.

Implement Clear Social Distancing

Now that you have explained your social distancing strategy, it’s time to put it into action. Use floor decals, window graphics and ceiling hangers to make it as easy as possible for shoppers to maintain an adequate and safe distance from others.

Install Directional Signage

Follow the lead of Walmart and other international retailers by creating a clear path for customers with arrows, footprints, and safe standing areas. As a result, the stores have reduced overcrowding and are able to keep traffic flowing from entrance to exit.

Create Contactless Processes

Many customers now prefer contactless shopping. Whether it’s a QR code for in-app checkout or number for curbside pickup, post signage around and outside your business to give hesitant shoppers additional options to support your store.

If you’re eager to get shoppers safely in the door, call us or fill out the contact form below today and we will work with you to improve COVID-19 customer signage.

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Three Political Print Items to Help You Win Big at the Ballot Box

The November 3rd elections are closing in quickly. Candidates and their campaign teams are looking to gain an edge on their opponents before voters head to the polls. Want to know how you can gain a lead and carry it into Election Day? Below are three political print items to help you and your campaign win big at the ballot box.


Signage like yard signs, banners and vehicle graphics can make the case for your campaign platform and generate name recognition and support amongst demographics who are typically not influence by other political messaging tactics. A 2016 study of the effectiveness of campaign signage found groups who were most likely to be influenced by campaign signage were young voters, men and southern voters. Yard signs are a campaign staple and help with your grassroots efforts. Banners and posters can turn a building or fence into a mouthpiece of your platform. Vehicle graphics create a moving promotion and have a reach 15 times greater than other advertising media.

Branded Products

Let your supporters make the case for you this November with branded products. Candidates can’t be everywhere at once especially during a pandemic. Spread your message to thousands with branded products like shirts, pens, buttons and bumper stickers. Branded products average 344 impressions per month. This leads to 80% of people who receive your branded products being able to recall your campaign platform. Let branded products do the talking for your campaign.

Direct Mail

Voters are bombarded with a sea of text messages, emails and phone calls from every candidate in every election from president to dog catcher. Breakthrough that noise with a direct mail postcard. Direct mail reaches your audience from the moment they open their mailbox until they discard it an average 17 days later. That’s 17 days for your candidate and platform to make a case for their campaign in a format proven to be 82% more trustworthy than digital advertising methods.

If you’re ready to take your campaign to the next level with political print items such as signage, branded products, direct mail advertising and more, give us a call today, fill out the contact form below and check out our political solutions page.

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2020 Back to School Essentials

Getting ready for the new school year can be time consuming and, at times, chaotic. With the uncertainty and anxiety surrounding COVID-19, preparations can become even more challenging. Ease the back-to-school transition with these 2020 back to school essentials that will help keep your students, faculty and their families safe:


As the CDC has noted, cloth face coverings are essential to stopping the spread of COVID-19. But they can also help provide a much-needed morale boost for students and teachers when printed with your school’s logo and colors.

Safety Signage

School will look different this year. Help everyone follow the new health and safety guidelines by installing informational signage like banners and floor and window decals throughout your buildings.

Desk Partitions

Add an additional layer of protection against COVID-19 with desk partitions featuring polycarbonate windows that allow students to see their teachers and safely interact with classmates.

Sanitization Supplies Kits

It’s tough keeping your school clean. With the COVID-19 pandemic, the task can feel impossible. Provide your janitorial staff with the proper sanitization supplies to combat germs efficiently and effectively.

Beginning a new school year is stressful—but even more so during times of crisis. Magna IV is here to help you reopen safely with our 2020 back to school essentials like masks, safety signage, desk partitions and sanitization supplies.

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Marketing for the new normal

The coronavirus has sent our nation into a financial tailspin. Mandatory closures have impacted every sector of the economy, but particularly the restaurant, fitness, nonprofit, event and public-facing industries. In order to stay afloat, many of these businesses have been forced to curtail their overhead costs. First up on the chopping block: marketing budgets.

But is that really the right call? Or should companies maintain some semblance of consumer engagement, even if it’s significantly scaled back? Perhaps now more than ever, brands have the opportunity to have authentic conversations with captive audiences. But they must find the appropriate outreach tactics or risk losing their credibility — or customers — altogether.

With Magna IV’s experience as a guide, here’s how companies can market for new normal:

Don’t sell, share. 

Recent reports showed consumer confidence remained steady in May after a steep decline in April. But that doesn’t mean Americans are in any rush to make non-essential purchases. Instead of the traditional hard sell, businesses should instead focus on building relationships with current and prospective clients. Companies should regularly share relevant and informational content — from live facility tours to virtual product demonstration — through traditional and digital channels.

Embrace mail.

With near-constant texts, emails and social media, it’s easy for customers to feel overwhelmed by digital marketing. To help prevent brand burnout, many entities are now considering a switch to direct mail, which offers a high return-on-investment and can be easily tailored for specific audiences with variable data. As a recent industry study showed, households on average keep advertising mail for 17 days and door drops for 38 days. That means companies have multiple opportunities for their marketing collateral to be seen.

Create an experience. 

Customers want, and need, a distraction from COVID-19. That’s why there’s no better time to use experiential marketing (i.e., engagement marketing) techniques. Brands can interact directly, but safely with customers by designing and installing unique building wraps, innovative point-of-purchase displays or even Instagram-worthy interior and exterior design graphics.

Recognize the times. 

Restrictions are loosening, but Americans are still understandably apprehensive about the spread of COVID-19. Businesses can help alleviate their unease with floor graphics, posters, sandwich boards, banners and other signage that reinforces CDC-recommended health and safety guidelines and hygiene practices. Depending on their budgets, they may also want to consider offering branded hand sanitizer or cloth face coverings to reinforce their commitment to keeping employees and customers safe.

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COVID Direct Mail

Mailed it! 3 Ways to Market Better During COVID-19

Direct Mail During COVID-19

As we all have learned, many of the strategies that worked before COVID-19 will no longer work now. Direct Mail marketing and Every Door Direct Mail, (EDDM), is proving its worth in the digitally-saturated COVID-19 era. Below are 3 ways to market better during COVID-19 with direct mail to get your brand in front of your customers.

Direct Mail vs. EDDM

A direct mail campaign is perfect for reaching existing customers and allows you to put your message in areas where it will be most effective. EDDM is generic which makes it the right fit to find new customers. Blast your message out to everyone in a specific location to find those who are new to your brand.

3 Ways to Market Better During COVID-19

Mail campaigns can be used to reach existing and new customers. But how are you going to win them over once you’ve reached them? We have a few direct mail best practices to keep your brand top of mind during COVID-19.


Right now, people are looking for deals. Consumers are still looking for products they need but they are trying to get the most bang for their buck. Highlight your discounts and promotions to help your customers get what they need.

Business Update

Inform customers of your updated business schedule. Generate excitement for your brands by bringing awareness to virtual events and sales. For a personal connection, include a QR code to videos of a representative giving updates on how your business is adapting

Community Outreach

Highlight the help your business is providing during the pandemic and how this benefits your mail recipients. Provide information on opportunities for your customers to partner with your business to expand that help deeper into the community. This is perfect for building goodwill with your customers and position your company as a community partner.

Magna IV has a wealth of experience executing direct mail campaigns. We are well-versed in best practices for direct mail and we can leverage our knowledge in USPS regulations to save you time and money on your campaigns.  Contact us today to get started on your mail campaign or click here to see our direct mail capabilities.

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Back in Session: 4 Ways to Ensure a Safe and Successful Return to School

Safe Return to School

Like all industries, schools universities and other higher-education institutions have been disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Even as the country reopens, many Americans remain uncertain about stepping foot back on academic campuses, particularly in light of ever-evolving social distancing guidelines. Fortunately, you can help ensure a safe, smooth and successful return to school with these four marketing ideas:


Help alleviate families’ unease by creating and installing signage. From floor decals to vinyl posters, signage can outline your school or organization’s stringent health and safety standards.


Send a direct mail postcard to current and prospective students with details about your campus’ safety measures, with website links and QR codes for increased digital traffic.

Admissions Gift Boxes

Campus tours may be on hold, but you can still engage with prospective students through branded gift boxes featuring apparel, personal protective equipment and other promotional items.


Use a magazine to share how your campus’ culture has positively changed during COVID-19 so students and alumni alike can stay connected and continue to advocate for your school.

COVID-19 or not, Magna IV is here to help with your marketing needs to ensure a safe return to school. Contact us today to start your order.

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4 Ways to Get Customers Back After Reopening

Get Customers Back

As businesses and restaurants begin to reopen, some consumers are still reluctant to be out in public. If you want to increase traffic to your restaurant, new signage and promotional items is the way to go. Below are four products Magna IV offers to get customers back after reopening your restaurant.


People are tired of being inside. Many are driving around just to drive around. Catch their attention as they’re cruising down the street with a banner placed on your building or in your parking lot, (it’s not like the parking lot is being used yet). Inform your customers of your reopening date, augmented hours or the new family special.

A-Frame Signs

A-Frame signs are a must if your restaurant is located in a pedestrian-trafficked area. The stands are highly visible, eye-catching and allow for promotions to be visible from multiple directions. These also have the added benefit of being in the walking path meaning people have to pay attention to your signage.

Direct Mail Coupons

Your customers are stuck inside looking for any reason to get out and do something. Why not send them that reason directly? A direct mail coupon, personalized with their name will entice them to come to your restaurant. These mail pieces can also be used to inform customers of new safety measures, providing them comfort as they begin to venture back out in public.

Personal Protective Equipment Stations

Having stations for hand sanitizer, masks and other PPE may not draw in huge crowds, but they will create return customers. Your patrons will see your restaurant being responsible, caring for their health and well-being. Make sure everyone who dines with you knows where PPE is available with directional signage.

Magna IV is here to help get your customers back after reopening your restaurant. Check out our restaurant solutions page for more ideas. Give us a call or fill out our contact form and we’ll work with you on your COVID-19 marketing plan.

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5 Ways to Connect with Customers During a Crisis

Life is always throwing curveballs at us marketers, making it harder for us to reach and connect with our customers. The current crisis is throwing a spitball and we’re swinging a broom stick. How do you connect with customers during a crisis when they are making limited trips outside? You meet your customers where they are… at home. Below are five ways you can make a connection when interaction is limited.

Email Newsletter

Email engagement is already up 21%, so I know I’m not speaking for myself when I admit to checking my email about 40 times a day during the COVID-19 outbreak. Put something in their inbox to lift their spirits and remind them you care about their safety and the struggles everyone has during the social distancing era.

Direct Mail

Who doesn’t love getting personally addressed mail? You can brighten their day with a simple gesture of personalization. If you really want to be a hero, print some kid’s games on the back so mom and dad can take a break.

Text Messaging

Text messages are a great way to share updates with you customer, they want to know when you’re reopening because they need somewhere to go that isn’t home. Tell them your new store hours, updated safety protocols and what they can expect to see when this is all over with.

Branded Care Packages

If you really want to go the extra mile, send them something they really need. A care package filled with personal protective equipment can really go a long way in assuring your customers your company cares and you’re committed to helping in any way you can.


Anyone else taken up reading since COVID-19 started? A magazine is a great way to tell your audience how your company is joining the fight against this infection and what you are doing to take care of those in need.

Things to Remember

COVID-19 is a unique and delicate experience for everyone. Every action you take as marketers should be heavily scrutinized.

  • Do not try to sell a product that isn’t helpful.
  • If you haven’t sent an e-blast or text message in over a year, maybe try another option. (People will see right through that.)
  • Know your company’s voice and don’t stray from it. Some brands can do humor right now, some can’t.

Magna IV is here to help you connect with customers during a crisis. Check out our cross media marketing page for more ideas. Give us a call or fill out our contact form and we’ll work with you on your COVID-19 marketing plan.

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Magna IV on COVID-19

Since 1975, Magna IV has prided itself on delivering the most innovative and highest-quality print products and services possible.

We understand many of our partners have concerns about the impact COVID-19 may have on your business or organization, including your marketing campaigns.

Let us reassure you. COVID-19 or not, Magna IV remains steadfast in our commitment to you.

As we have for 45 years, our expert team is prepared to deliver your projects—on time and on budget—all while protecting the health and safety of our employees and customers.

In accordance with guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control, World Health Organization and federal and state officials, we have closed our facilities to outside visitors, limited on-site personnel and temporarily eliminated non-essential travel. We have also provided our forward-facing staffers with personal protective equipment and added the option for free, no-contact deliveries. We continue to encourage employees to practice good hygiene habits, social distancing and, above all, to remain at home if sick.

If you ever have any questions or need our assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact our team members who are readily available by email and cell.

From all of us at Magna IV, thank you for your continued support and partnership.


Kent Middleton



Kristi Dannelley

Menu solution switch brings big savings to Dave & Buster’s

Barbecue Sliders. Tropical shakers. Refreshing Summer popsicle drinks. Since it was founded in Dallas in 1982, Dave & Buster’s has focused on offering fun eats and drinks for every season. But with each seasonal promotion, the national restaurant chain was having to invest in new menus. To help it save its marketing dollars, Dave & Buster’s looked to long-time partner Magna IV for a custom menu solution.

Magna IV senior account executive Lisa Wooten first assembled a collection of Dave & Buster’s menus to brainstorm ideas. After testing different prototypes, she created cut-out inserts. The inserts were scored and folded and slid in-between stitches without printing new menus.

Next, Lisa developed an innovative packaging solution to safely ship the new menus and inserts to Dave & Buster’s stores without damage. With Magna IV’s fulfillment team, Lisa decided to stack the menus in alternating groups of 10 with the inserts in the middle.

Once the packaging was ready, Dave & Buster’s tested the new menu inserts in three different markets, Today, it uses them nation-wide for its monthly drink and dining menu specials.

If your restaurant is looking for a cost-effective, simple menu solution to keep your menus fresh, contact Magna IV today.

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