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Human to Human: A New Way of Marketing

H2H Marketing

As humans, we embrace relationships, people, and wholesome trust. Ultimately, humans are important to humans and we aspire to connect and relate with one another on various levels. It’s time that we acknowledge and mold these ideas into our business and marketing efforts as we focus on H2H to facilitate the creation of honest and profound connections between businesses and their customers. We must see our customers as people first and clients second. With this mindset, you can enhance your business and portray a trusted voice that captures the true essence of your brand.

Marketing Through an H2H Lens

We must always remember, behind every sale, phone call, or customer, there is a human being. Humanizing the way we act and perform in a business will build trust, loyalty, and compassion and enhance the value of what your business can offer.

Four Ways to Incorporate H2H in Your Business

With H2H marketing and business efforts, quality communication is essential when developing trusted relationships with customers. Below are four ways to communicate when implementing high-quality H2H into your business strategy.

  1. Show compassion
  2. Be personable
  3. Be empathetic
  4. Be genuine

Human-to-human communication will outperform any other business strategy. Having your customer as the main focus will make your customer feel important. Ultimately, people like to feel as though they are the center of attention and are being well taken care of. H2H will have your customer feeling like they are the only customer you have… when we all know this is not the case. Furthermore, H2H is a business strategy that will give your customers an experience of a lifetime. With this style of white-gloved, high-quality service, you will leave your customers coming back time and time again.

Final Thoughts

In the end, when doing business, you are dealing with humans. A human-to-human business strategy is valuable not only to your customers but to you as well. Take the time to understand and meet your customers where they are and in return, the way you do business will be transformed.

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    Offset Printing vs Digital Printing: The Difference

    Print Advertising: Here to Stay

    Custom Wall Mural, Custom Wall Decal, Custom Wall Wrap, Custom Wall Graphics

    Interior Graphics Promote a Positive School Environment

    Research supports staggering findings that propose how a student’s academic progress and successes are powerfully impacted by the aesthetic of their surrounding environment. Interior printing, color, and design in a school setting have shown to drastically increase a student’s progress by 25%. It’s true; color, art, and exciting interior graphic design are pure magic to any student and can affect both their mental and emotional well-being.

    What Colors Should You Use in Your School’s Interior Graphic Design?

    Below are 3 colors we recommend using in your interior printing that will boost a student body’s academic engagement:

    • Yellow – amplifies creativity, attention, and positivity
    • Red – motivates attentiveness, enthusiasm, and ingenuity
    • Purple – radiates a sense of tranquility and serenity

    The Impact of Color

    Time and time again studies have shown just how impactful color can be in improving a student’s successes and academic endeavors. In fact, interior printing in a school environment has the potential to reduce a student’s blood pressure while promoting less sporadic behaviors and disruptiveness. Today, students have enough on their plates as it is. From early morning bus rides, academic stressors, extracurricular activities, and life at home with their family and friends; it’s easy for a student to feel overwhelmed, sad, and unmotivated. Interior graphic design can help give a tired student the motivation and positive reinforcement he or she needs to push through the day, conquer obstacles and leave with a smile on their face.

    School Design Tips and Tricks to Incorporate on Your School’s Campus:

    1. Integrate Accent Walls

    A large accent wall can serve a multitude of design purposes in a school. Put a smile on a student’s face with vibrant color and design!

    2. Create custom wallpaper

    Place custom interior wallpaper throughout your school hallway that will allow young children to practice their colors, numbers, and letters. 

    3. Acquire custom cut lettering

    Custom lettering will help to create a focal point in a boring school cafeteria bringing excitement and joy to any student.

    4.Generate floor graphics

    Consider floor graphics at your school to help make a statement for first-time visitors and guests.

    Go big or go home! Interior design graphics are quick, affordable, and can help give your school environment a more lively appearance. Bring your school back to life with interior printing, custom murals, or other interior graphics.

    Tip of the Day:

    What color makes you the happiest, most concentrated, or energized? Think about implementing these colors into your daily life and watch your days transform!

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      Three ways to use Augmented Reality in print marketing

      Augment your Marketing

      The technology for augmented reality (AR) in print marketing is reaching critical mass, where brands have a platform commonly used by consumers to access the content. Marketers should look for ways to implement this feature into their printed materials to be ahead of the curve and standout from 2-D graphics and signs. Below are three ways to use AR in your marketing campaigns.

      Augment Reality: What is it?

      First, we need to know what augmented reality is. It takes a 2-D image (Trigger Image) and places graphics, (2-D or 3-D), over the trigger for an engaging experience. For example, Lego implements AR in stores to display 3-D renderings of finished products. The Pokémon Go app was based around AR, placing characters over images of the real world. This is not to be confused with virtual reality which creates an entirely new, digital world. Now that we have that cleared up, let’s get into some creative uses.

      Business Cards

      Everyone’s seen a business card. Name, contact info and your company’s logo. How can your business card stand out from other salespeople and marketing representatives? With AR, you can include animations, text boxes with company information and your previous work as well as a 3-D image of yourself to leave a lasting impression.

      Event Signage

      AR presents many opportunities to market events such as exclusive rewards, photo ops and pre-event scavenger hunts leading to the event. Getting consumers involved in your event beforehand increases the likelihood of them actually attending the event.


      I’m sure I’m not the only one who gets lost in shopping centers and has trouble getting my bearings on a 2-D directory. Through AR, you can put that map on shopper’s phones, giving enabling them to see the map on a horizontal plane and navigate to their desired destination.

      Final Thoughts

      The potential for AR in print marketing is seemingly endless. Marketers must be ready with a plan to implement this digital content into their printed materials.

      Give us a call or fill out the contact form below to find out how digital and print marketing can be integrated in your marketing plan today.

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        Four Ways Signs and Graphics can help an Aging Generation

        An Aging, Active Generation

        Who is the oldest person you know? How old are they? Chances are they remain out and about despite living through their “Golden Years.” No longer are elderly confined to nursing homes and hospital wings as in generations past. The latest generation of silver foxes is on the move, enjoying retirement, family and life savings. Below are four tips to capture this demographic with signage and graphics.


        No one likes to feel lost or to search for a location for hours. Include clear instructions with directional arrows and visual landmarks in your signage to reduce confusion. Wayfinding signage should be clearly identifiable from a far distance.

        Answer All Questions

        Provide as much information as possible. Before you have a design in mind, you should think through any and all questions an elderly visitor might have, such as senior discounts, handicap parking and best entrances to use if promotion is indoors.

        Large Font

        Unfortunately, diminishing eyesight is not a thing of the past. To help this generation get all they can from your signs and graphics, use large, plain fonts. Providing a QR code where they can view information up close and in a large font is an added bonus.


        This generation loves to be involved, whether that’s through donating to a charity or volunteering their time. Provide information in your signage on how they can get involved with your organization or business.

        Final Thoughts

        The current senior generation is more active than ever before, business can’t afford to write them off. With money saved and plenty of time and grandkids to spend it on, this is the demographic every business and organization should be targeting.

        Give us a call or fill out the contact form below to get started on signage and graphics perfect for marketing to an aging generation.

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          How to Market like Top; Fastest Growing Retailers

          Three Marketing Lessons

          A 2019 report examined the differences between top companies and the fastest growing companies. While the top companies efforts are geared towards reaching the largest audience possible, the fastest growing companies focus on a small demographic they can target intimately. Below are three lessons and ways for you to implement them in your own strategy.

          Niche Campaigns vs. Casting a Wide Net

          The top companies benefit from an Every Door Direct Mail Campaign (EDDM) where a direct mail piece is delivered to everyone in a given area or zip code. This limits the specificity but reaches those who may not be in a target demographic. The fastest growing companies benefit from direct mail campaign with a targeted list. Using a targeted list saves money from a smaller quantity of mail pieces but goes to people in the target demographic who are more likely to purchase your product.

          Focusing on Loyalty vs. Acquiring New Customers

          Top companies want to find new customers. Out-of-home advertising works well to capture new business. The fastest growing companies want to focus on existing customers on those who have visited their site before but may not be customers. Think abandoned carts. These retailers send text messages or emails to push shoppers to finish their purchases.

          Less is More vs. More is More

          52% of top companies take advantage of cross media campaigns, flooding the market with their branding and promotions. Cross media allows for the customer to find your product in the medium they prefer, whether that’s a mail piece, email or text message. The fastest growing companies prefer to use the promotional medium their target audience values most.

          Final Thoughts

          Both have their strengths and weaknesses and every company should decide which fits best into their business model. But who’s to say the model of the fastest growing companies couldn’t over take the top companies and put an up-and-comer in a top seat?

          Give us a call or fill out the contact form below to find out how each business strategy could benefit your company today.

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            What is Neuromarketing and how to Incorporate in Print Products

            What is Neuromarketing

            Neuromarketing is using neurobiological research and tests to predict or even drive consumer behavior. This sounds a lot like regular old marketing but this is deeper. Neuromarketing does not rely on conscious answers but on brain activity caused by a particular stimulant. (i.e. your marketing materials). Much of the activity is actually unknown to subjects.

            So how can small business owners tap into neuromarketing without an MRI scanner? By analyzing previous research and tests, you can craft marketing materials that speak to consumers on a deeper, neurological level.


            How do you want your message communicated? Really, how does your message want to be communicated? An intimate message requires an intimate medium, like direct mail or brochures. Loud messages are superior in larger formats including interior and exterior graphics. Choosing the appropriate medium for your message communicates to your customers before they’ve comprehended the advertisement.


            What does yellow mean? What about blue or green? These colors do not speak nor do they use written words but they hold meaning. Meaning deeply ingrained in our minds. We understand the symbolic meaning before articulating it. Take McDonald’s colors, red and yellow. Red signifies love, desire, and passion. Yellow can mean joy and happiness. All the feelings McDonald’s wants you to have before realizing you’re looking at the golden arches. Color can communicate your message without ever speaking a word. Read more about the power of color in marketing here.


            Can an idea be explained in one word or does it take a paragraph? Depends. Is the message more powerful when conveyed in one word? Nike seems to get away with three. Regardless of what it says, what does it make you do? We’ve all broken out into a melodic string of cat-like onomatopoeias once or twice. Meow-Mix’s famous jingle says nothing but is buried deep in our minds, turning us all into cat food sleeper agents. Font-choice, text color and word layout also affect how your message is received.

            Final Thoughts

            Make the decision to choose your product a simple one. People are hampered by too many options. People don’t like to lose. Framing the alternative to your company as a loss will greatly sway consumer’s decisions towards you. Above all else, be memorable. If you tailor language, visuals and medium to not only what customers like, but what their brain likes, they’ll never forget it.

            Give us a call or fill out the contact form below to get started on your brain-tantalizing marketing collateral today.

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              Are you marketing to the digitally unconnected?

              We often hear “Print is dead, digital is king.” But is that really true? According to a study by the National Telecommunications and Information Administration, 27 percent or approximately 33 million, of all U.S. households do not use the Internet. Is your message reaching the audience you want to target or are you missing the digitally unconnected?

              Digitally Unconnected

              Contrary to popular opinion, these households aren’t limited to rural areas. In fact, the majority of the digitally unconnected live in urban settings. As marketers this means we’re potentially missing a wide swath of consumers if we rely on digital alone. That’s where print comes in. Print marketing materials like direct mail or signage can put your messages in front of both digitally connected and unconnected consumers.

              Direct Mail

              With spending for SMS and email marketing rising, one would think these are the best ways to reach an audience. While this is seemingly true, both continue to miss a large portion of consumers. Direct mail, on the other hand, is able to reach your audience and from the moment they open their mailbox until they discard it an average 17 days later. That’s 17 days for your messaging to market to all members of a household in a format with an average 29% return on investment.


              Signage is a big way for your messaging to have a big return. In rural areas, where interstate and highway billboard space can be had for cheap, local and out-of-state travelers are influenced by your product. In urban settings with heavy foot traffic, sidewalk signs or building murals are seen by thousands of pedestrians and drivers giving you more bang for your buck.

              The Road Ahead

              The Federal Communications Commission continues to expand broadband access in the U.S, but there’s still a long road ahead. Reach your target audience by incorporating print into your marketing campaigns.

              If you’re ready to reach the digitally unconnected through print marketing materials, call us or complete the contact form below. An Account Executive will reach out and help you plan a strategy for your next marketing campaign.

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                Turn heads with out-of-home (OOH) advertising

                Digital vs. Out-of-Home Advertising

                Has your marketing budget shifted towards digital? Are you relying on Facebook ads and retargeting campaigns to drive traffic to your website? If executed properly, these tactics can be effective outreach tools. But they can’t compare to the return on investment you get from of out-of-home (OOH) or outdoor print advertising.

                According to studies, OOH is responsible for 26 percent of Internet searches from traditional media. Nearly half of U.S. adults search online for products or services they’ve seen in OOH advertisements. In other words, digital media is not as dominant as many marketing gurus would have you believe.

                Unconventional Methods

                Today, OOH has expanded beyond conventional billboards and bus shelter ads because of exponentially increase avenues for marketing . In fact, many brands are now using innovative OOHs such as vehicle wraps and interactive signage to increase impressions. Some are even coupling these signs and wraps with geo-fencing or other digital technologies to create highly targeted campaigns. Because of augmented reality, OOH continues to encourage customers to interact with products, visit new digital platforms or share brands on social media.

                If you want to turn heads, and drive results, with your marketing campaign, then it’s time to reconsider the benefits of out-of-home advertising. Give us a call or fill out a contact form and our Account Executives will work with you to re-imagine your Out-of-Home advertising strategy.

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