About Magna IV

Since opening its doors back in 1975, Magna IV printing services company has prided itself on forward thinking—skillfully blending the latest technological advances with highly trained and passionate people. This mindset has allowed Magna IV to successfully evolve from its humble beginnings to become a leading print and marketing company in the mid-South—serving diverse clients from coast to coast.

For more than 40 years now, Magna IV printing company has built a winning reputation among corporations, non-profits, restaurants, retailers, higher education institutions, manufacturers and more. We help companies build their brands with our business printing solutions.  Every day, it strives to exceed customers’ expectations by providing them the expertise and high-quality print and marketing products their businesses need to succeed. It handles every detail—from design to production—so customers can focus on what they do best.

At Magna IV, all the work is done under one roof. Whether it’s setting up an online marketing portal to manage customers’ brand collateral or creating a multi-channel marketing campaign to drive engagement among key audiences, Magna IV has the expertise to meet any client’s needs. And when a project arises and an outside partner is required, it utilizes strategic alliances that it trusts to get the job done. Magna IV’s print facility is equipped to handle any type of printing service—digital, offset, wide format, variable data—as well as fulfillment and mailing services. Its capabilities are as varied as its clientele. View our success stories using innovative printing technologies.

Making a splash with wide format printing


As a long-time veteran of the marketing industry, Jon Davis understands the important role relationships play when building a company or organization’s brand. As he likes to say, “In today’s competitive economy, who you choose to deliver your brand message is as critical as the message you’re delivering.” We couldn’t agree more.

Magna IV was recently offered the opportunity to partner with ConAgra Foods on a project for The Jones Center, a recreation and community center in Springdale, Arkansas. They designed a modern space to revamp the leisure pool area for the center’s 20th anniversary, but they needed someone to bring their vision to reality.

That’s where Magna IV stepped in to help. We used our wide format printer to produce large vinyl wall installations, which consisted of four large displays of 25×20 feet each. Next came the window clings. Magna IV once again utilized its wide format printer to develop window samples at different opacity levels—ensuring the right color match—and then custom fitted the clings to fit the various window sizes. Our team also created branded swim towels to match the pool area’s new look.

When The Jones Center hosted its ribbon cutting ceremony a few weeks later, our partner brands enjoyed a successful reveal. We were proud to help ConAgra Foods execute their innovative vision and provide the northwest Arkansas region with a quality, family-fun environment for years to come.


As sales director, Jon Davis utilizes his first-hand knowledge of the marketing industry to help identify and meet the print needs of vendors and businesses in the rapidly growing northwest Arkansas region. Read more about Jon Davis.

Magna IV Rebranded

Notice anything different? Over the past few weeks, we’ve given our brand and website a major facelift. Why? Because in our more than four decades in business, Magna IV has moved beyond our traditional printing capabilities to encompass new technologies. Today, our experienced team can do just about anything. We can execute multi-media marketing campaigns. We can streamline customers’ costs by using digital printing and variable data. And we can set up online marketing portals to ensure brand consistency for some of the nation’s largest brands. It’s time that our image and website reflect these growing capabilities.

We’re proud to offer customers a wide range of cutting-edge services and solutions. We can do all types of printing including sheet-fed, digital, variable data, dye sublimation, web-to-print and large format. Magna IV can produce large format signage & displays for trade shows, events and fleet graphics. We can do in-house direct mail campaigns, fulfillment & distribution. Our capabilities don’t stop there, we are also able to do cross-media marketing, graphic design, promotional services and embroidery and branded apparel. The possibilities are endless!

Magna IV is continuing to evolve each and every day. We’re expanding our partnerships across the country by teaming up with non-profits, financial institutions, retailers, restaurant chains and more. We’re being called on to help businesses enhance their print and marketing campaigns, build their brands and grow their customer bases. The good news is we can help you, too. Take a tour of our new website, and then let us know how we can help you execute your next project.

5 Easy Steps to Better Printing

1. Always Pay close attention to the details.

Quality printing requires a high attention to detail, especially when special effects are required. Bleed equaling 1/8″ should always be added to your files if bleed is required on the printed piece. Any piece requiring die cutting should include die lines to ensure the proper cuts and scores are made. Foil stamping, embossing, varnishes and coatings also have unique design requirements in order to complete the finished product. If your printing project contains any of these items, please contact your sales or customer service representative for specific requirements before preparing your files to eliminate any lost production time or additional production costs.

2. Check the color mode on your files.

Most design software will allow you to choose CMYK from a number of different color modes. When you are designing for print this will almost always be the mode you will have to work with. Generally, RGB does not convert well to CMYK. Don’t worry, any issues that may arise with the color of your printed piece should be visible on the color proofs.

3. Confirm that you have the correct resolution.

Higher input resolutions produce better final results. If you send a low resolution jpeg or a low resolution PDF, your print job will look fuzzy or grainy. At Magna IV we want your print job to be perfect! The ideal resolution of files to be printed is 300 dpi.

4. Make sure to embed your fonts.

Files without embedded fonts cannot be used for proofing or plating. Also, keep an eye on font licensing. If fonts are purchased without proper licensing we will have the same results as if the fonts were not embedded.

5. Utilize our Insite Marketing Portal and FTP sites.

We offer several methods you can use for transmitting files to us including FTP and our Insite PrePress Portal. If you send application files, you should compress or “zip” them before they are sent to the FTP. The Insite Prepress Portal System provides password protected 24/7 Web access to save you time. Our PrePress Portal has tools that permit uploading PDF files directly into the prepress work flow for immediate preflight report, online proofing and approval.