How to Maximize Your Next Event

It’s time to maximize the impact of your events. Digital marketing is on the up and up but don’t be so quick to push print media to the curb. Printed products are an exceptional way to increase the reach and recognition of your planned event and should be a top priority as you are flushing out your budget. Think back to past events you attended and what is most memorable to you. Besides the fellowship of people, you probably remember that eye-catching poster as you entered the event or the large format piece on display for the crowd-pleasing photo booth. Print products are a tried and true method to enhance and transform your event space and a sincere way of boosting your success rates.

Impactful and Memorable

Events have to be two things: impactful and memorable. To achieve an impactful and memorable effect on your audience, you have to leave a lasting impression. A lasting impression is key simply because it transitions into organic interest, sales, and conversions that will get your business on the map. With the assistance of creative, lively, and vibrant posters and print products your event can leave an impact on attendees that is memorable and lasting. Let’s take a look at several print solutions that you need to budget for while planning and budgeting for your next event.


Posters are a true classic and a staple for most events. Bulk poster printing is an ideal way to effectively promote your event not only before the event date but also at the event itself to reassure your audience they have arrived at the correct location. Take advantage of the free space a poster offers and deliver your audience with as much information and value as you can. When promoting for your event, show your audience why they should attend your event and what you can give them in return for their time; it better be worth their while! Posters are the most simple way and most cost-effective print method to visually engage with your audience and influence them to become a raving fan of you and your business.

Direct Mail

Have you ever been invited to an event via a Facebook or evite invitation? What was your experience like when receiving this invite? Not great I’m sure. Nothing compares to receiving direct mail out of the blue that you can touch, engage with, and truly enjoy. Direct mail is a true treasure that’s still effective as ever. Personalized direct mail will grab the attention of your audience or a prospective buyer creating an experience that will connect you with your audience on an unmatched level. It creates a physical connection that will complement beautifully with any other print products you might have.


The more printed products you have to offer up to your audience at your event, the better. Flyers are a perfect way to win over your audience by giving them valuable information that they can flourish from. There isn’t a need to focus on sales in your flyers because that will only turn your audience away. Make your printed flyer an enjoyable read and highlight more than once what they will gain by attending the event.

Post Event Marketing  

The above-printed products are game-changers and will level up your event instantly. Not only can posters, direct mail, and flyers help your brand’s reach and recognition before and during your event but they can also come in handy once your event is over. Posters and flyers can be taken home by your audience and remain a reminder of your event as well as your message and how you can help bring continuous value to their lives. Attendees also really just love swag and items they can take home so offer several different print items they can choose from. Don’t forget that In addition to taking home printed swag, your event attendees were also sent a printed direct mail invitation. When designing your direct mail, be sure to make it personal and inviting so they will want to hold on to it. Once your event is over and sales have skyrocketed, be sure to continue with your print marketing efforts to help mold and shape a trusted relationship that your loyal customers desire.

Final Thoughts

Reach and engage with a new audience. With event print posters and products, you can do just that. Print posters and print products are solutions to creating an enjoyable and memorable event that will leave a lasting, impactful impression on your audience. As a result, your audience will feel valued and return the favor through sales and purchases that will increase your revenue and profits rapidly. You’ll have raving customers before you know it.

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