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What Can Direct Mail do for You?

Every so often we get the question, “Does Direct Mail work?” or “Is Direct Mail still viable considering the rising postage costs?” In a society that thrives on technology and social media, the benefits that direct mail continues to offer is often overlooked. Contrary to some beliefs, direct mail is still extremely effective and a marketing strategy that is worth the rise in cost. Direct Mail Marketing Campaigns are targeted, timely and measurable.

Still not sure? Here are a few statistics that you might find interesting:

  • 59% of US respondents agree with the following statement, “I enjoy getting postal mail from brands about new products.” ~ Epsilon’s 2012 Channel Preference Study
  • Four-fifths (79 per cent) of consumers will act on direct mail immediately compared to only 45 per cent who say they deal with email straightaway. ~ Direct Marketing Association (DMA)
  • U.S. Advertisers spend $167 per person on direct mail to earn $2,095 worth of goods sold. A 1,300% return on investment. ~ Print Drives Commerce 2013
  • Direct mail remains the largest single direct marketing expenditure, followed closely by teleservices at $41.2 billion. ~ What They Think

The key to successful Direct Mail is doing it right! Many strategic factors go into a Direct Mail Campaign. First and most importantly you must perfect your mailing list through list research and acquisition. The concept and design of your piece must be appealing and include a clear message and call to action. Lastly, you must evaluate the response you receive from your mail piece. Including your direct mail as a portion of a multimedia campaign is a great strategy. If your mail piece is attached to landing pages, QR Codes or promotional offers it can make tracking ROI much easier.

If your marketing plan has been skipping out on Direct Mail then you are missing out. YES it works, and YES it is effective. If you have any more questions on direct mail or would like to learn more contact Magna IV Communications today.