Large Format Printing Delivers Powerful Marketing Strategies

The goal of any marketing strategy is to get the attention of existing and future customers. Large format printing increases the visibility of your marketing message. As the name of the service implies, large format printing services are hard to ignore. Signs and banners made with wide format printing are not overbearing. They attract attention by being big and captivating. The buzz created by large format printing helps build brands. In addition, the versatility of wide format printing helps you market your message using a variety of materials. From banners, poster and retail signs to walls and building exteriors, large format printing services let you market and brand in a cost effective manner while never sacrificing quality.

Wide Format Printing Advantages

Beyond being an eye-catching marketing tool, wide format printing offers other advantages to your business:

  • Cost effective exposure – The cost of signs or banners made with large format printing pays for itself quickly over the years. These professionally designed signs only need to be paid for once but they last for years. A large banner or sign hanging across your business will get more attention than a smaller sign even though they are comparable in cost.
  • Stand out from the crowd – Whether you work in a storefront or in a row of corporate business buildings, you want to stand out from the other businesses on your street. In addition, large format printing signs make your booth memorable to others at trade shows and outdoor events.

Large Format Printing Services

Large format printing has grown in popularity and, as the name suggests, supports maximum print roll width. This printing service gives you a bigger canvas to use wide images and text to deliver a marketing message to your target audience. During the printing process, the ink is applied directly onto the material and eliminates the need for printing plates. Large format printing services can be used on a number of products including posters, canvas, vinyl banners and wall graphics. Signs that are printed in a wide format use the same quality materials as other retail signage while executing your marketing strategy with a printed sign that commands the attention of your audience.

Put large format printing to work delivering a powerful marketing strategy for your business by contacting Magna IV for your wide format printing needs.

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Fleet Graphics & Wraps For Powerful Branding Tools

Fleet graphics and wraps are a powerful branding tool for local businesses and franchises. A recent study showed that one vehicle wrapped in fleet graphics can generate up to 70,000 impressions/views per day. This cost effective advertising solution delivers your message to a mass audience each day. Our innovative commercial printing services create custom made fleets wraps that spotlight more than just your business name. Fleet graphics deliver a marketing message and brand your company thanks to eye catching graphics and repeat exposure to consumers driving on the road on a daily basis. Vehicle wraps transform your fleet from ordinary company vehicles to a dynamic 24/7 advertising force spotlighting your business.

Fleet Wraps & Graphics Benefits:

Fleet wraps and graphics offer a number of benefits including:

  • Mobile advertising opportunity – Billboards do not offer the mobile advertising opportunities of vehicle wraps. Travel the major highways or drive to the neighborhoods where your customers live, work and play.
  • Wide reach – Fleet wraps, featuring dynamic graphics, reach a wide range of consumers. A person not in the market for your services today might contact you in the future because of the impression made by your fleet graphics. The graphics featured on vehicles play a big part in the spending decisions made by consumers.
  • Cost effective – Radio and TV ads reach a large audience but have a limited life. You will need to update your copy or purchase a new ad schedule. Fleet wraps save money in the long run thanks to the one time cost for the design and placement of the graphics.

Commercial Printing Services

We are the leading provider of commercial printing services and are experts in the field of fleet graphics and wraps for businesses ranging from big franchises to “mom and pop shops”. Fleet wraps serve the dual purpose of protecting your vehicles from dings and scratches as well as branding your fleet and serving as a mobile marketing force that spreads your business message in the areas you target on a daily basis. Put our commercial printing services to work for your fleet. Whether the vehicles are parked in front of your business, where you are having lunch or in front of your house, a custom designed and created vehicle wrap makes an impression that consumers won’t forget.

Discover more about the branding power of fleet graphics and wraps by calling us today.

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