How many marketing channels do you typically shop on? Some consumers may stick to one channel, however, roughly 90 percent of North American consumers shop on more than one. With so many accessible online shopping options for consumers to take advantage of, a multi-channel marketing strategy has become a top priority for businesses of all sizes. With cross-media marketing, a business can use multiple forms of marketing that will give them triple the exposure. Online multi-channel marketing can be achieved with your website, email marketing, digital ads, social media, and more. You can also expand your multi-channel marketing efforts through powerful direct mail marketing to reach those consumers in your target audience that may not use tech resources for their shopping or browsing endeavors.

Benefits of Multi-Channel Marketing

Three valuable benefits of multi-channel marketing include:

  1. Not all people are receptive to the same channels of communication. Multi-channel marketing allows businesses to reach customers via different channels. In turn, this helps a company determine which channels are most preferred by a person.
  2. The message shared by a company can be customized to best fit the delivery method. For example, text messages traditionally work best with short messages that have a sense of urgency to them. Emails are better suited for longer messages with a strong visual design. Facebook and Twitter are ideal for messages created with the hope that they will go viral.
  3. An ad often needs to be repeated to get the attention of people. Repeating a message using different channels is more effective than simply repeating it using only a single channel. Multiple channels can complement each other and reinforce the message

Cross-media Marketing Components

If your business is looking for ways to engage, create awareness, and connect with current or potential customers, cross-media marketing is the answer. Cross-media businesses can tailor their marketing collateral with personalized mailings, text messages, and customized landing pages to increase customers’ response and purchase rates. Watch your business grow when you transition to cross-media; the benefits are huge! When you utilize various marketing platforms you will get your message across multiple channels with ease. Think about considering the following cross-media marketing components to reach consumers:

  • SMS

Studies show that roughly 95 percent of all text messages are opened within three minutes. You can use text massaging for instant and effective ongoing customer outreach.

  • Social media

Consumers spend a third of their time browsing and shopping on social media platforms. Capitalize on the power of social media to efficiently target various demographics and audiences.

  • Direct mail

This is a trusted marketing strategy by almost 75 percent of consumers. When making a purchase decision, direct mail will sway a consumer’s opinion and drive to purchase more than you would think.

  • Email marketing

A component of marketing that is often pushed under the rug. Email marketing is a low-cost way to reach customers with a click of a button.

Final Thoughts

Getting the attention of customers, as well as keeping it, is not an easy task. Cross-media marketing takes a marketing message and implements it through a variety of mediums. Marketing ads and media tie-ins can now be executed through social media, mobile phone apps, websites, and videos. The use of multiple marketing mediums gives advertisers a better opportunity to reach a large audience and deliver their message through various channels.

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