Does the Business Card Still Have A Place In The World?

Considering the digital age we live in, do business cards still have a place?  You bet it does! A business card is a focal point for your brand and a way to make an unforgettable first impression. It is a simplistic marketing material that represents you, your brand, and what you can ultimately offer them. When you meet a potential client for the first time or connect with a peer at a networking event, your business card is a physical keepsake for someone to hold on to. Because your business card holds such significant value, you want to make sure it’s memorable. Here are a few ways to create a business card design that people will want to hold on to and that stands out from the crowd:

  1. Paper and finish: People who are tactile will take notice of the paper quality used to create your business cards. When you invest in high-quality paper stock or a special finish, not only will your business card hold up for much longer but it will impress your customer at first touch. Think about considering a medium stock paper with a matte finish. If matte doesn’t match your brand’s image or voice, consider a glossy finish that’ll catch the eyes of your audience.
  2. Fonts and color: Remember that you want to stay consistent with your brand, voice, and image. Is your company more serious? Are you a younger more playful company? Consider how you want your company to be portrayed when designing your business card and selecting the fonts and colors. The fonts and colors on your business card should represent your company to a “T.” Choose wisely!
  3. Shape and size: Business cards come in all shapes and sizes. Think about spicing up the design of your card by using a shape that creatively represents your company or the work that you do. Business cards offer more creative freedom than you think; have fun with them!
  4. Texture: Create a visual impact by incorporating raised material and lettering in your business card design. Go above and beyond with coatings like matte, high gloss, and satin. In addition, you can also choose from soft-feel coatings to give substrates a smooth, velvet-like texture; talk about luxury! Consider applying a high-gloss varnish on top of the soft feel to accentuate images or bold type to give marketing collateral even more “pop!”
  5. Logo: You work so hard to get your business to where it’s at. Be proud of your journey and successes by placing your logo front and center when designing your business card.

A Marketing Approach You Can’t Pass Up

Business cards are a simple yet effective tool that can be placed in the hands of as many people as you budgeted for. Business cards are also an exciting way to market because of their size. As you pass someone on the street, you can gift your business card to them and they can easily slip it in their pocket and continue on with their day. Ultimately, business cards are a budget-friendly marketing approach that small businesses should not pass up.

Final Thoughts

Make a lasting impression at conferences, networking events, meetings, and more by utilizing a business card printing service that helps you create an outstanding business card. Ultimately, business cards play a significant role in creating opportunities and establishing a warm personal relationship with clients. If your customers are the focus and core of your marketing efforts, you will draw in loyal, raving fans that will become a part of your brand and the work you do every day.

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