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Why Large Format Printing Is Critical In Branding

Why Large Format Printing Is Critical In Branding

Large format printing is a term that describes print materials that are too large to easily be printed on readily available sizes of printing presses. Wide format printing is a critical part of any branding strategy since it covers a wide range of print materials such as windows, posters, store displays, banners and event signage. These materials can be used to get attention, promote events and provide a visual reference for customers to easily recognize when branding a business. The first step in building brand awareness is being noticed by others and making them want to learn more about your services. This can easily be accomplished thanks to the size and variety of materials created by large printing services.

Benefits Of Large & Wide Format Printing

Large & wide format printing offers multiple benefits to customers:

  • High-quality images market your business – Images play a large part in brand awareness because they stand out among a mountain of text. Large format printing creates memorable images instead of text that might be hard to process and remember in the limited amount of time that a person is viewing an ad.
  • Market new product launches – Wide format printing creates materials such as signs, banners and store displays that spread the word about the launch of a new product in the marketplace. While the digital age of marketing allows for a wide viewership of an ad, a physical flyer or brochure still commands attention and makes people stop to take a look at the printed material.
  • Print on almost any material – From PVC to fabric to paper and vinyl, wide format printers can print on almost any material.

Why Large Format Printing Is Critical In Branding

Large Printing Services That Stand Out

Large format printing services stand out from other branding efforts because of their size as well as the variety of materials available for use in wide format printing. You can have the greatest product in the world or the best idea for a business. However, you still need to effectively market your business in order to build your brand in the eyes of customers. Large format printing allows you to get noticed and be remembered by others that are intrigued by your printed materials and want to learn more about the products and services offered by your business.

Learn more about the branding benefits offered by large format printing by contacting us today.

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    How Retail Graphics & Signs Drive Sales

    Retail store graphics are an essential part of the marketing efforts that drive sales for retail and convenience stores. Retail graphics and signs help shoppers to better understand the personality of a business and also helps to lead them in making purchases based on the information provided by the signs created by retail printing services. The signs that are displayed in retails stores can drive sales at that particular point in time or they can promote sales and specials that will occur in the near future. There are multiple retail signs that deliver increased sales and the section below shows you how these retail graphics deliver the results you desire.

    Types Of Powerful Retail Store Graphics & Signs

    Some of the most popular, and powerful, retail store graphics and signs include:

    • Point of purchase signs (POP) – This category of retail graphics can include anything from floor graphics that lead the way to certain products, cardboard cutouts that can be placed over merchandise and pop-up banners that show customers where to find certain items. POP signs spotlight promotional items, seasonal merchandise and special deals on certain items.
    • Door and window graphics – These graphics are the first thing a customer sees when he or she enters the door of a business. Use this prime opportunity to market current sales and events and to promote special sale hours or display enticing sales copy or keywords.
    • Branded ceiling tiles – These custom made tiles can display your logo or the images that brand your product. Colorful and enticing graphics will have customers looking up and receiving your branding message.

    Retail Printing Services That Stand Out

    Eye catching graphics and signs drive sales in both retail and convenience stores. Professional retail printing services create retail store graphics that attract attention and alert customers to the specials, deals and events stores want to promote to the buying public. Custom made retail graphics tell a story and give the public a better idea of what the store is all about and the services they want to deliver to customers. Retail printing services include the conception of the graphics as well as their creation and installation. All of these elements combine to make graphics and signs that stand out in the marketplace.

    Contact us today to learn more about using retail store graphics to drive sales and attract customers to your business.

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      7 Reasons to Love Print Fulfillment & Distribution Services

      Print fulfillment and distribution services help your business effectively deliver your marketing message to a targeted group of customers. Print fulfillment services run the gamut from the planning and production stage to bindery services, warehousing the product and making sure all mailing addresses are correct so they will reach the intended home or business. Print fulfillment services benefit your company in multiple ways including these seven reasons:

      1. Order fulfillment
      2. Kitting and assembly
      3. On-site warehousing
      4. Order distribution and shipping
      5. Inventory management
      6. Real-time order tracking
      7. Confirmation that the order was delivered

      The reasons listed above combine to create a successful and well-received fulfillment experience for both you and your customers.

      Fulfillment And Distribution Benefits

      Our fulfillment and distribution services offer many benefits:

      • Seasonal and Sales Fluctuation Flexibility – Sales can rise during certain seasonal events. Handling your own fulfillment means you need to hire extra workers for the added demand. We eliminate the need for extra workers by managing the surge in sales. All you need to worry about is providing the product that is ordered.
      • Lower shipping costs – You can offer customers a lower shipping cost thanks to our regional/national/international shipping program as well as the bulk delivery discounts we get thanks to the size of our shipments.
      • Eliminate fixed costs – The cost of storing inventory rises while your sales are flat or declining. However, you still pay the same amount for rent on a warehouse. Partnering with us cuts your fixed costs since you won’t be paying for a warehouse space.

      Print Fulfillment Services With The Latest Technology

      Magna IV uses the latest technology to execute our print fulfillment services. Our state-of-the-art fulfillment and distribution services include custom management and information software that can be fully integrated with your print and fulfillment needs. Plus, real-time reporting allows you to know exactly when your product ships and reaches its destination via our mail tracking system. We are always researching new techniques for print fulfillment and this means finding new shipping methods that allow us to save you money while still delivering your product on time.

      Brand your business to customers by contacting us today to learn more about our print fulfillment and distribution services.

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        4 Compelling Reasons Why You Need Cross Media Marketing

        Cross media marketing is when multiple media forms are used to promote a marketing message to an audience. For example, your business can take advantage of a direct mail campaign that drives customers to a customized PURL (personalized URL) with a landing page created specifically for each recipient of the direct mail campaign. In addition to the PURL, you will get a coordinating email that contains a web link as well as dashboard reporting. Plus, you can even utilize text messaging if you desire.

        Take a look at these four compelling reasons that prove why you need to utilize cross media marketing:

        1. Multiple views by consumers increases active audience response
        2. Multiple campaign platforms lead to “bundle deals”/a reduction in advertising costs
        3. Increased product awareness thanks to exposure in multiple advertising platforms
        4. Multi-channel marketing gives double or triple the exposure than the exposure gained by marketing on one platform

        Multi-Channel Marketing Benefits

        Benefits of using multi-channel marketing include:

        • Drive brand consistency – Cross media marketing allow you to use multiple media platforms such as marketing printing services, email marketing and a customized URL at the same time. Creating a cohesive presence among multiple marketing channels builds brand consistency in the eyes of consumers.
        • Effective delivery of your message to customers – The goal of any marketing strategy is to find engaging ways to communicate the value of your product or service. Cross media marketing makes it easy to deliver your message across specific channels that make sense for your customers. Once you determine the proper marketing channels, branding elements such as targeted emails, printed content, text messages and personalized URLs can be used to reach your target audience.

        Marketing Printing Services With Magna IV

        Marketing printing services are a proven way to reach a mass audience, The experienced design and production staff at Magna IV use the latest technology to create a printed piece that can easily be translated to an online presentation, at a personalized URL, while providing consistent branding across multiple marketing platforms. The future of marketing is here today and it is known as multi-channel marketing, Reach a larger audience with cross media marketing that targets your audience without being so spread out that your brand identity gets lost in the delivery of your marketing message.

        Contact us for more information about saving money while expanding your advertising reach with cross media marketing.

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          How Interior Graphic Design Builds Brand Recognition

          All businesses hope for brand recognition with customers. They strive to have others recognize their work and their company through such interior graphic design visual elements such as a logo, signage or even some of the marketing collateral that is part of the environmental graphics of a business. The commercial interior design of a building can also serve a brand recognition purpose as customers have the ability to walk in and find themselves in an immersive brand experience thanks to the environmental graphics. Branding refers to the image customers have of a company and also the emotional response they get when they view the products, services and materials associated with the company.

          Types Of Residential & Commercial Interior Design Graphics

          • Residential graphics focus on living spaces in a house, apartment or condominium. The graphics can be specialized for a particular section of the home such as the bathroom, kitchen or home office. Some common types of residential interior design graphics include green or sustainable graphics, elder design which makes the graphics easier to understand for the elderly or disabled and graphics related to certain areas of the home such as home theater areas, workout rooms and home offices.
          • Commercial interior design graphics can cover a wide range of businesses including retail stores, restaurants, hotels and offices. The type of graphics used depends on the needs of the business. Retail spaces and restaurants often have certain marketing needs including colors that brand them with a franchise or bright product displays. Hotels and offices often have a more subdued color scheme and require graphics that work to project a professional appearance.

          Experiential & Environmental Graphics For Businesses

          Experiential and environmental graphics allow businesses to communicate and connect with customers on a level that takes all of the elements of a design into account. The combination of imagery, color, text and the technology behind the graphics combine to create an environment that communicates the identity of the business as well as the emotion that drives consumer reaction to the company. These graphics specialize in telling a story without coming across as being “sales like” and deliver the branding message in a manner that is more subtle than traditional advertising methods.

          Take advantage of the branding benefits offered by interior graphic design by contacting our experienced design team today.

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            Event Signage: How To Win BIG

            It is obvious to say that, if you are organizing and executing an event, you want people to show up for the event. One of the first steps you can take to win big is having event signage professionally made to promote the event to the public. Event banners and signs can be designed and manufactured in various shapes and sizes so they can easily be placed indoors and outdoors. One of the best materials for making banners for special events is vinyl. Vinyl banners are made of quality materials that remain durable in any kind of weather. Event signage helps you to brand your event, attract customers and create word of mouth for the event.

            Event Banners And Signs Tips

            Interested in having event banners and signs created? Keep these helpful tips in mind!

            • Make sure the banners and signs are aesthetically pleasing. The design needs to be attractive to the public. This means attention must be paid to every detail on the sign from the colors to the images, font and logo.
            • The banner should be specific to the event. Don’t waste valuable sign space to include information not related to the event. Make sure the banner relates to the theme of the event in order to attract your audience of choice. The people that are interested in the event want information connected to the event being promoted.
            • Don’t overload the audience with too much information. Overcrowding with too much information can make people turn away from the banner. Too much text and images can be very distracting to the audience.

            Get Event Signage Solutions From Magna IV

            Magna IV specializes in event signage solutions for events of any size that are organized and executed by companies in any business sector. Our expert team discusses your vision for the design of the banner as well as the information you want to include on the sign. Once the design of the event banners and signs is approved, our experienced team manufactures them to your specifications. We also professionally install them to ensure they are visible to the public and that they will remain secure in any type of weather.

            Put event banners and signs to work for you by contacting our experienced design and installation team today.

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              Banners And Signs: 5 Critical Mistakes You’re Making

              No matter what type of business you own, one of the keys to success is getting the attention of customers. Banners and signs are a vital part of any branding strategy to grow and market a business. Some businesses take a thoughtful approach to designing banner signs while others think their signage solutions require nothing more than putting their name on a banner. While having your name out in public is certainly one way to alert customers to your existence, there are other elements that need to be included in a sign. To help you get the maximum impact from using banners and signs, we’ve listed five critical mistakes you might be making with your signage.

              Banner Mistakes And The Signage Solutions

              Here are common banner mistakes and effective signage solutions for you:

              • Contact info – Your name on the banner does not help if you don’t tell people how to contact you. Contact info can include your address, phone number and website.
              • Spelling and grammar – The presence of spelling and grammar mistakes can make customers view your company as unprofessional. Proofread everything on your signs before they are printed.
              • Too crowded – Many signs are viewed by customers driving in their car with a short amount of time to read your sign. Info on a crowded sign isn’t processed and remembered by drivers.
              • Aesthetically pleasing – Signs with clashing colors and bad art are not pleasing to the eye and should be avoided.
              • Social media – Many customers look for more information on social media. Your sign should remind them to find you on Yelp, Facebook or other platforms.

              Professional Banner Signs By Magna IV

              A professionally designed and eye-catching banner is a crucial aspect of branding your business. The first step in creating banners and signs is scheduling a consultation appointment with the experienced design team at Magna IV. We will discuss your goals and work with you to make your signage solutions come to life. We will ensure your banner signs avoid the mistakes listed above and market your business in a way that is easily, and instantly, understood by consumers. Professional signage solutions are our specialty so trust our team with your professional banner signs.

              Contact us today to avoid critical mistakes when designing your banners and signs.

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                What Is UV Printing? Is It The Same As UltraViolet Print?

                Even if your company has made extensive use of printing services in the past, you might be wondering, “What is UV printing?” UV printing services utilize ultra-violet lights to dry or cure ink as it is printed. Unlike conventional printing inks, the UV ink doesn’t spread out or have time to soak into the substrate resulting in a higher resolution printing on offset and uncoated stocks. As the printer distributes the ink onto the surface of the object targeted for printing (AKA a substrate), the UV lights follow behind to dry the ink instantly. Thanks to the UV lights curing the printed ink in an immediate manner, the wet ink prints in more detail since the ink doesn’t spread out. In addition, UltraViolet printing is more resistant to fading than other printing methods. For a three-dimensional look with a higher overall contrast, UV printing from Magna IV is the right choice for an assortment of inks and finishes.

                Why UltraViolet Printing?

                There are multiple reasons to choose UltraViolet printing over other methods:

                • The possibilities are limitless – UltraViolet printing can be used on any substrate and this includes vinyl, plastic and synthetic materials. UV printing also allows for a variety of coatings including glow in the dark, textured, glitter and optic white. Your choice of printed material coatings are endless with UV printing.
                • Faster printing times – UltraViolet printing inks dry within a matter of seconds which means you can move through the production process faster. This makes the total printing process quicker than conventional methods.
                • More pleasing to the eye – Thanks to UV coating, printed materials shine with vibrant colors and eye-catching graphics.
                • Scuff resistant and durable – Unlike conventional printing, our ink cures hard enough that it is impossible to scrape it off, eliminating the need for a protective coating that can smudge days later.

                How UltraViolet Print Reticulation Attracts Attention

                The process of UltraViolet print reticulation has attracted attention over the years for a number of reasons. Companies use UV printing because it is environmentally friendly and is able to print on any number of surfaces. UltraViolet printing can apply raised spot coating in order to add a noticeable texture to items. This benefit of UV printing adds an extra sizzle to substrates. If you are looking for a smoother texture, soft feel coatings are available as well as special techniques like satin coatings and high gloss. Stand out from the crowd and give your printed materials that “something extra” thanks to UltraViolet print reticulation.

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                  5 Signs You Should Invest In New Trade Show Displays

                  Trade show displays are much more important than you might realize. They make a first impression when someone approaches your booth. They also grab the attention of others from across the trade show floor. Eye-catching trade show signs can make all the difference in the decision making process of whether or not to approach your booth and get more information about your company. A trade show display speaks volumes about your business and serve as more than your “home base” during the show. Trade show exhibits brand your company and is an important part of your marketing efforts to others at the show. If you are not sure if your display accurately reflects your business, it might be time to invest in a new display.

                  5 Signs You Need New Trade Show Exhibits

                  Here are 5 reasons to invest in new trade show exhibits:

                  • Get a current look – If people approaching your display have “seen it before”, it is time to update your look.
                  • New marketing message – Have a new product to promote? Have a new logo or branding message? If so, time to update your exhibit graphics.
                  • Adjust the booth size – You might be in a position to make a bigger impression on customers. You also might need to scale back your exhibit due to budget concerns. Either situation calls for a new exhibit.
                  • Exhibit at a variety of shows – Consider having multiple displays if you exhibit at numerous trade show events so you can tailor the exhibit to the event.
                  • Old exhibit was damaged – If your exhibit was damaged while being transported, take advantage of insurance paying for a new exhibit and update your look.

                  Foam Core Printing For Trade Show Walls

                  You may want to consider our foam core printing an alternative option for trade show walls. Printed foam core is a fraction of the cost of traditional sheet rock booths. Foam board walls are convenient and disposable after the trade show just throw the walls away. We can print foam boards in full color to get your booth noticed. Magna IV will help navigate the rules for each venue for trade shows that require certified fireproof materials.

                  Trade Show Signs That Get Noticed

                  Trade show signs get your business noticed and make an impression on both first time and repeat customers. Professionally designed trade show displays that have a sign that is inviting can create interest and bring people attending an event over to see what is happening at your trade show exhibit. An eye-catching trade show sign is one that has colorful graphics and just enough information about your company to generate interest without falling into the information overload arena. Get noticed and get results that drive business with a professionally designed trade show sign.

                  Give us a call at 501-376-2397 to learn more about how trade show exhibits can create new business opportunities for your company.

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                    How Can Dye Sublimation Help Your Business Excel?