How Interior Graphic Design Builds Brand Recognition

How Interior Graphic Design Builds Brand Recognition

All businesses hope for brand recognition with customers. They strive to have others recognize their work and their company through such interior graphic design visual elements such as a logo, signage or even some of the marketing collateral that is part of the environmental graphics of a business. The commercial interior design of a building can also serve a brand recognition purpose as customers have the ability to walk in and find themselves in an immersive brand experience thanks to the environmental graphics. Branding refers to the image customers have of a company and also the emotional response they get when they view the products, services and materials associated with the company.

Types Of Residential & Commercial Interior Design Graphics

  • Residential graphics focus on living spaces in a house, apartment or condominium. The graphics can be specialized for a particular section of the home such as the bathroom, kitchen or home office. Some common types of residential interior design graphics include green or sustainable graphics, elder design which makes the graphics easier to understand for the elderly or disabled and graphics related to certain areas of the home such as home theater areas, workout rooms and home offices.
  • Commercial interior design graphics can cover a wide range of businesses including retail stores, restaurants, hotels and offices. The type of graphics used depends on the needs of the business. Retail spaces and restaurants often have certain marketing needs including colors that brand them with a franchise or bright product displays. Hotels and offices often have a more subdued color scheme and require graphics that work to project a professional appearance.

Experiential & Environmental Graphics For Businesses

Experiential and environmental graphics allow businesses to communicate and connect with customers on a level that takes all of the elements of a design into account. The combination of imagery, color, text and the technology behind the graphics combine to create an environment that communicates the identity of the business as well as the emotion that drives consumer reaction to the company. These graphics specialize in telling a story without coming across as being “sales like” and deliver the branding message in a manner that is more subtle than traditional advertising methods.

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