4 Compelling Reasons Why You Need Cross Media Marketing

4 Compelling Reasons Why You Need Cross Media Marketing

Cross media marketing is when multiple media forms are used to promote a marketing message to an audience. For example, your business can take advantage of a direct mail campaign that drives customers to a customized PURL (personalized URL) with a landing page created specifically for each recipient of the direct mail campaign. In addition to the PURL, you will get a coordinating email that contains a web link as well as dashboard reporting. Plus, you can even utilize text messaging if you desire.

Take a look at these four compelling reasons that prove why you need to utilize cross media marketing:

  1. Multiple views by consumers increases active audience response
  2. Multiple campaign platforms lead to “bundle deals”/a reduction in advertising costs
  3. Increased product awareness thanks to exposure in multiple advertising platforms
  4. Multi-channel marketing gives double or triple the exposure than the exposure gained by marketing on one platform

Multi-Channel Marketing Benefits

Benefits of using multi-channel marketing include:

  • Drive brand consistency – Cross media marketing allow you to use multiple media platforms such as marketing printing services, email marketing and a customized URL at the same time. Creating a cohesive presence among multiple marketing channels builds brand consistency in the eyes of consumers.
  • Effective delivery of your message to customers – The goal of any marketing strategy is to find engaging ways to communicate the value of your product or service. Cross media marketing makes it easy to deliver your message across specific channels that make sense for your customers. Once you determine the proper marketing channels, branding elements such as targeted emails, printed content, text messages and personalized URLs can be used to reach your target audience.

Marketing Printing Services With Magna IV

Marketing printing services are a proven way to reach a mass audience, The experienced design and production staff at Magna IV use the latest technology to create a printed piece that can easily be translated to an online presentation, at a personalized URL, while providing consistent branding across multiple marketing platforms. The future of marketing is here today and it is known as multi-channel marketing, Reach a larger audience with cross media marketing that targets your audience without being so spread out that your brand identity gets lost in the delivery of your marketing message.

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