What Is UV Printing? Is It The Same As UltraViolet Print?

What Is UV Printing? Is It The Same As UltraViolet Print?

Even if your company has made extensive use of printing services in the past, you might be wondering, “What is UV printing?” UV printing services utilize ultra-violet lights to dry or cure ink as it is printed. Unlike conventional printing inks, the UV ink doesn’t spread out or have time to soak into the substrate resulting in a higher resolution printing on offset and uncoated stocks. As the printer distributes the ink onto the surface of the object targeted for printing (AKA a substrate), the UV lights follow behind to dry the ink instantly. Thanks to the UV lights curing the printed ink in an immediate manner, the wet ink prints in more detail since the ink doesn’t spread out. In addition, UltraViolet printing is more resistant to fading than other printing methods. For a three-dimensional look with a higher overall contrast, UV printing from Magna IV is the right choice for an assortment of inks and finishes.

Why UltraViolet Printing?

There are multiple reasons to choose UltraViolet printing over other methods:

  • The possibilities are limitless – UltraViolet printing can be used on any substrate and this includes vinyl, plastic and synthetic materials. UV printing also allows for a variety of coatings including glow in the dark, textured, glitter and optic white. Your choice of printed material coatings are endless with UV printing.
  • Faster printing times – UltraViolet printing inks dry within a matter of seconds which means you can move through the production process faster. This makes the total printing process quicker than conventional methods.
  • More pleasing to the eye – Thanks to UV coating, printed materials shine with vibrant colors and eye-catching graphics.
  • Scuff resistant and durable – Unlike conventional printing, our ink cures hard enough that it is impossible to scrape it off, eliminating the need for a protective coating that can smudge days later.

How UltraViolet Print Reticulation Attracts Attention

The process of UltraViolet print reticulation has attracted attention over the years for a number of reasons. Companies use UV printing because it is environmentally friendly and is able to print on any number of surfaces. UltraViolet printing can apply raised spot coating in order to add a noticeable texture to items. This benefit of UV printing adds an extra sizzle to substrates. If you are looking for a smoother texture, soft feel coatings are available as well as special techniques like satin coatings and high gloss. Stand out from the crowd and give your printed materials that “something extra” thanks to UltraViolet print reticulation.

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