5 Reasons Why Signage Works

Signage is often called one of the most powerful forms of advertising. And it’s no wonder why. When executed properly, signs help companies improve their visibility and grab customers’ attention 24/7, 365 days a year. Here are five reasons why signage works:

1. It’s cost effective: According to the Small Business Administration, signage has significantly lower cost-per-thousand views than traditional advertising methods like TV, print or radio ads. Thanks to innovative tools like the Magna IV Magnetic Sign System, companies can now update their signage displays with new promotions, specials or events within minutes.

Magnetic Sign System, Large format printing, signage

The Magna IV Magnetic Sign System allows McClure Fitness to regularly update customers on its class offerings and boutique specials.

2. It helps businesses stand out in the crowd: Every day while shopping, customers are flooded with hundreds of options. Whether businesses choose illuminated exterior signs, special interior displays or fleet graphics, signage is an easy way to distinguish their products or services from the competition.

large format printing, signage, banners

A staircase banner encourages shoppers to stop by Dave & Buster’s for food, games and fun.

3. It reinforces companies’ brands: Multiple reports show customers are more likely to buy from a business they recognize. With signage, businesses can achieve the repeated, long-term exposure needed to reinforce their brands and boost customer loyalty.

yard signs, event signage

Yard signs help promote the National Kidney Foundation’s mission and encourage donor support.

4. It helps drive foot traffic: Customers often report stopping into a shop, restaurant or service-related businesses because of signage. In fact, a FedEx study confirmed nearly eight in ten consumers decided to enter a store based on its signs.

banners, exterior signage, large format printing

Outdoor vinyl signage drives customers to Arvest Bank’s various branch locations.

5. It helps boost sales: Signage is a quick way for businesses to increase sales without making a huge inve Industry sources show a new sign, banner or yard sign can help boost companies’ sales by more than 15 percent.

acrylic signage, interior design graphics

An acrylic sign welcomes patients to Small Bites Pediatric Dentistry’s brand-new office.

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