Strategic Direct Mail For The Holidays That Work

As hard as it is to believe, the holidays are upon us which also means direct mail is an ideal option to deliver your marketing message. Consumers make it a habit to check their mail during the holiday season for discounts, promotions and information that arrives during this busy time of the year. Take advantage of the power of direct mail by following the tips below:

  • Use the 40/40/20 rule to find the right balance of your target audience, This means 40% of the direct mail campaign success depends on finding the right audience, 40% on giving people a great offer offer and 20% on creative elements.
  • Use 3D direct mailers to take the direct mail campaign to another level. 3D mailers, such as tubes or boxes with teasers on the outside, are only 50% more expensive than standard mailers. However, they perform 250% better which increases your ROI.
  • Make the envelopes part of the direct mail marketing message by having text on the envelope that makes people want to open it. You can also provide incentives such as CTAs that offer a discount, promotional items, samplers or special offers for first-time customers.

Holiday Direct Mail Marketing Ideas

Make your holiday direct mail marketing ideas work by using these ideas:

  • Direct mail postcards stand out in a sea of holiday catalogs. Focus on a single marketing message that looks festive and has a personal touch to it that calls attention to the postcard.
  • House mailing lists target customers that are likely to respond to your direct mail marketing ideas when they receive the direct mail piece.
  • Food makes everything memorable so think about including a treat with your direct mail package as long as they individually wrapped for safety.
  • Many people are out of the office during the holiday season. Focus on a marketing message for the New Year when everyone is back in their regular routine.
  • Since more people are paying attention to their mail during the holidays, combine email with your direct mail campaign to get a better response rate.

Eye-Catching Direct Mail Campaign

Direct mail campaigns work best when they have an eye-catching design that makes the piece stand out from regular, daily mail. Use direct mail pieces with colorful graphics and text to get the attention of consumers. Direct mail with personalized messages helps people notice your marketing materials. Utilizing an eye-catching design for your direct mail campaign offer works best during the holidays because consumers are looking for special offers that help them save money or get something free with their purchase. Getting the attention of consumers is a key first step that is accomplished by eye-catching direct mail campaign materials.

Increase your marketing reach this holiday season with strategic direct mail materials. Contact our experienced team about designing and executing your holiday direct mail campaign.

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