How Variable Data Printing Boosts Direct Mail Results

How Variable Data Printing Boosts Direct Mail Results

One way to make sure your direct mail campaign is ignored is by addressing the printed piece to “Dear Homeowner” or “A Special Offer For Our Friends”. Personalized direct mail makes more of an impression than a generic greeting in the mailbox. Variable data printing gives you the opportunity to address your direct mail printing project to thousands of people while still making it look personal by allowing you to include the actual name of a person on each individual piece of direct mail. By personalizing each individual piece, variable data printing gives you the ability to speak directly to the recipient of the mailing as well as make the person feel like you are speaking directly to them rather than being part of a generic mass mailing.

Personalized Direct Mail Tips:

To get the best ROI on your direct mail printing campaign, follow these tips:

  • Add value to your mailing – The printed material needs to include something of value to the recipient. Give your audience a reason to “act now/get more information” or your mail will likely end up in the trash can.
  • Stand out in the mailbox – A great design, along with the personal touch of variable data printing, makes you stand out at a residence or business. Your direct mail campaign commands attention with eye-catching images.
  • Choose the right medium for your message – What will make your audience respond to your message? Do they want a simple postcard or more in-depth information from a sales letter or a brochure? What will make them respond to your message? The right medium for your direct mail campaign is as important as the actual message of the campaign.

Magna IV’s Direct Mail Printing Services

When it comes to our direct mail printing services, our work goes beyond merely printing your variable data printing project. No matter the size or quantity of the campaign, we create memorable graphics that make your recipients want to learn more about the product, service or special you are promoting. In addition, we know the rules and regulations of mailing your campaign via the United States Postal Service. From designing and creating the project to mailing the direct mail piece and making sure it makes its way to the desired people or businesses on your mailing list, Magna IV’s direct mail printing services handle the project from start to finish as quickly as possible while still being cost-efficient and accurate when it comes to reaching your intended personalized direct mail target.

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