5 Myths That Exist Around The Print Industry Revealed

You may have questions and concerns when it comes to the use of print within your company or business. From “print is bad for the environment” to “print is dead”, many misconceptions exists around the print industry. Before believing the myths of print, learn the facts! I have tackled 5 of the most common myths of print below.

Myth: Consumption of paper is destroying the environment.

Truth: The print industry is one of the most sustainable industries in the world. Nearly all of the wood used in paper comes from trees that were grown in renewable tree farms. In the United States, two thirds of the paper produced comes from wood chips, saw mill scraps, and recyclable paper. Print is green! 

Myth: Print is old fashioned,

Truth: The print industry is constantly evolving to enhance capabilities and entice customers. Print campaigns remain an important source of marketing for many large corporations such as Nike, Pepsi, and Sharpie. Cutting edge and visually appealing print media keeps customers engaged and buying!

Myth: Print is dead.

Truth: Print is one of the largest industries in the world playing a huge role in the US Economy with a profit of $640 billion annually. The profit of the print industry was up every quarter in 2010 and 2011, the latest years for which statistics were available. Contrary to popular beliefs, print is NOT going anywhere!

Myth: Customers prefer digital media to print.

Truth: Although digital media is cutting edge, most customers still prefer the tangibility of print. A print publication gives a feeling of substance with accessibility and portability. Customers enjoy digital media but desire traditional print as well. A smart marketing plan is all inclusive and focuses on print and digital communications equally.

Myth: Print Campaigns don’t work.

Truth: Print media is engaging and effective. It requires the time and attention of a reader who is actively seeking out entertainment or information. Print ads in newspapers, magazines, catalogs, and even direct mail are excellent marketing strategies to catch and maintain your reader’s attention. It has been proven that direct mail brings in 78% of donations from non profits and is read by 80% of households.

Despite the myths, print is not going away any time soon. Print campaigns are an effective and successful form of marketing that will help you reach clients! Let Magna IV help you will all of your printing needs!