What is Neuromarketing

Neuromarketing is using neurobiological research and tests to predict or even drive consumer behavior. This sounds a lot like regular old marketing but this is deeper. Neuromarketing does not rely on conscious answers but on brain activity caused by a particular stimulant. (i.e. your marketing materials). Much of the activity is actually unknown to subjects.

So how can small business owners tap into neuromarketing without an MRI scanner? By analyzing previous research and tests, you can craft marketing materials that speak to consumers on a deeper, neurological level.


How do you want your message communicated? Really, how does your message want to be communicated? An intimate message requires an intimate medium, like direct mail or brochures. Loud messages are superior in larger formats including interior and exterior graphics. Choosing the appropriate medium for your message communicates to your customers before they’ve comprehended the advertisement.


What does yellow mean? What about blue or green? These colors do not speak nor do they use written words but they hold meaning. Meaning deeply ingrained in our minds. We understand the symbolic meaning before articulating it. Take McDonald’s colors, red and yellow. Red signifies love, desire, and passion. Yellow can mean joy and happiness. All the feelings McDonald’s wants you to have before realizing you’re looking at the golden arches. Color can communicate your message without ever speaking a word. Read more about the power of color in marketing here.


Can an idea be explained in one word or does it take a paragraph? Depends. Is the message more powerful when conveyed in one word? Nike seems to get away with three. Regardless of what it says, what does it make you do? We’ve all broken out into a melodic string of cat-like onomatopoeias once or twice. Meow-Mix’s famous jingle says nothing but is buried deep in our minds, turning us all into cat food sleeper agents. Font-choice, text color, and word layout also affect how your message is received.

Final Thoughts

Make the decision to choose your product a simple one. People are hampered by too many options. People don’t like to lose. Framing the alternative to your company as a loss will greatly sway consumer’s decisions towards you. Above all else, be memorable. If you tailor language, visuals, and medium to not only what customers like, but what their brain likes, they’ll never forget it.

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