New Year New Trade Show Displays

New Year New Trade Show Displays

Here at Magna IV, we’re always looking for ways to ensure our customers stay ahead of the current trends in the printing industry. Below are a few of the trends that have taken over the trade show circuit that will be the perfect way to update your trade show displays in the new year.

  • Unique Floor Graphics
    • Enticing and appealing floor graphics go further than you realize. The trade show is a massive, expansive space and can be overwhelming to take in. Having purposeful and creative floor graphics can help guide consumers to your trade show booth. Don’t be afraid to add vinyl or printed flooring, it’s a cheaper and more creative alternative to carpet inlays.
  • Ceiling danglers in place of traditional signs and banners
    • Ceiling danglers offer maximum visibility and stand out in a crowd of trade show displays. Traditional signage goes a long way but adding an option that floats above the competition will only get more eyes on your booth. Unique danglers are a cost-effective and customizable way to captivate someone from afar.
  • Dye sublimation on tension fabric
    • Custom table covers, full backdrops, flags, and so much more. All of these large-format trade show staples can now be done using stretch fabric. This process produces trade show graphics that are easy to install and takedown saving you valuable time. Because of the dye sublimation process, the color and design of your product don’t fade over time.

How to Create the Perfect Trade Show Environment

Now that we’ve gotten the customers into or around your booth, how do we get them to not only stick around but enjoy their experience with your trade show display? While there are many ways to accomplish the perfect trade show environment, we’ve listed a few of our favorites below.

  • Make it interactive. Offering up a product or virtual experience helps customers get a break from the normal meet and greet grind of the trade show circuit. Implement touch screens around your booth. This allows users to experience your product in their own unique way.
  • Make it an experience. Visitors want to be awed by what they’re experiencing. If applicable, use multiple video walls showing off various aspects of your product. Games are becoming more and more popular as well. Find fun ways to tie in your product to a game, this allows trade show guests to have fun while learning more about what you have to offer. We’ve even seen booths go as far as offering a smoothie bar!
  • Don’t forget comfort: Show attendees are on their feet all day. Providing a place for them to sit for a minute or two is mutually beneficial. The same can be said for charging stations. Providing the opportunity for an attendee to rest both their feet and their electronics allows you an extra few minutes to talk with them.

The new year is the perfect time to step up your trade show displays. Contact our team to get started.

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