Three Political Print Items to Help You Win Big at the Ballot Box

The November 3rd elections are closing in quickly. Candidates and their campaign teams are looking to gain an edge on their opponents before voters head to the polls. Want to know how you can gain a lead and carry it into Election Day? Below are three political print items to help you and your campaign win big at the ballot box.


Signage like yard signs, banners and vehicle graphics can make the case for your campaign platform and generate name recognition and support amongst demographics who are typically not influence by other political messaging tactics. A 2016 study of the effectiveness of campaign signage found groups who were most likely to be influenced by campaign signage were young voters, men and southern voters. Yard signs are a campaign staple and help with your grassroots efforts. Banners and posters can turn a building or fence into a mouthpiece of your platform. Vehicle graphics create a moving promotion and have a reach 15 times greater than other advertising media.

Branded Products

Let your supporters make the case for you this November with branded products. Candidates can’t be everywhere at once especially during a pandemic. Spread your message to thousands with branded products like shirts, pens, buttons and bumper stickers. Branded products average 344 impressions per month. This leads to 80% of people who receive your branded products being able to recall your campaign platform. Let branded products do the talking for your campaign.

Direct Mail

Voters are bombarded with a sea of text messages, emails and phone calls from every candidate in every election from president to dog catcher. Breakthrough that noise with a direct mail postcard. Direct mail reaches your audience from the moment they open their mailbox until they discard it an average 17 days later. That’s 17 days for your candidate and platform to make a case for their campaign in a format proven to be 82% more trustworthy than digital advertising methods.

If you’re ready to take your campaign to the next level with political print items such as signage, branded products, direct mail advertising and more, give us a call today, fill out the contact form below and check out our political solutions page.

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