STOP! 4 Ways to Improve COVID-19 Customer Signage

Has your business experienced declining foot traffic since reopening? Are shoppers hesitant to enter or linger in your shop? You may be losing customer because of confusing health and safety signage. According to a recent study, consumers are 80% more likely to shop at locations with clear COVID-19-related signs. Companies without this type of collateral are seeing 40% drops in foot traffic. The good news? You can get those customers back in the door by with these four tips to improve COVID-19 customer signage:

Set Expectations at the Entrance

Put customers’ minds at ease by laying out your company’s strict health and safety guidelines before they enter the store. This may include stipulating mask use, symptom checks and social distancing measures. Most importantly, focus on reassuring consumers you are taking the virus—and their safety—seriously.

Implement Clear Social Distancing

Now that you have explained your social distancing strategy, it’s time to put it into action. Use floor decals, window graphics and ceiling hangers to make it as easy as possible for shoppers to maintain an adequate and safe distance from others.

Install Directional Signage

Follow the lead of Walmart and other international retailers by creating a clear path for customers with arrows, footprints, and safe standing areas. As a result, the stores have reduced overcrowding and are able to keep traffic flowing from entrance to exit.

Create Contactless Processes

Many customers now prefer contactless shopping. Whether it’s a QR code for in-app checkout or number for curbside pickup, post signage around and outside your business to give hesitant shoppers additional options to support your store.

If you’re eager to get shoppers safely in the door, call us or fill out the contact form below today and we will work with you to improve COVID-19 customer signage.

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