5 Reasons to Choose Direct Mail


From email promotions to Facebook ads, there’s no question the Internet plays a prominent role in today’s marketplace. But, the value of traditional mail shouldn’t be understated. When executed properly, a direct mail campaign can be an extremely effective marketing solution. Here are five reasons why:

1. It’s easy to target: By segmenting mailing lists, businesses can tailor their communications and focus their marketing budgets on those most likely to respond.

2. It can be customized: Direct mail can be tailored to include customers’ names and personal information, ensuring greater response and purchase rates.

3. It’s versatile: With direct mail, there’s no shortage of eye-catching creative options. Businesses can choose from a variety of formats and modify materials to best meet their marketing budget and goals.

4. It’s the preferred form of communication: Customers, both young and old, continue to prefer physical mail. In fact, a recent study showed 87% of millennials like receiving direct mail and 77% pay attention to its advertising.

5. It’s a good return on investment: Direct mail is quick to create and, with the right combination of targeting and personalization, can yield response rates of up to 20 percent.

Ready to start your next campaign? Magna IV’s direct mailing services include:

• Pre-Sort Standard
• First Class
• Non-Profit
• Every Door Direct Mail
• List Procurement
• Inkjet Envelopes
• Inserting
• Tabbing
• Mail Tracking
• List Segmentation

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