Copywriting: Compel Your Customers to Make Profitable Sales

With copywriting, you have one mission. Your mission is to give your prospect compelling reasons to respond and take action now. Copywriting is so much more than writing a few compelling words here and there. It is a strategy that must be integrated into your marketing efforts in order to motivate customers and drive them to make sales or become leads in a pipeline. When you hear the word “copywriting” you may jump to conclusions and assume that it holds a similar meaning to branding or relationships, however, copywriting is a totally different ball game. According to Paul Hollingshead, it’s writing with a specific call-to-action that makes people open their wallets and checkbooks and buy. It’s persuasive writing with the intent of ultimately driving an action.

Driving a Purchase

According to Digital Marketer, to survive today, companies need direct-response copy that gets people to take specific, measurable actions that drive them to make a purchase. Further, copywriting encompasses offline media such as direct-mail letters and print ads as well as online marketing tactics such as email, web pages, and paid search ads. According to Doug D’Anna, a good copywriter understands the number one secret is to know your audience, find out what they want, and make what you’re selling match what they want. Copywriting, essentially, is an art that revolves around the following three rules of selling: people don’t like being sold to, people buy things for emotional reasons and not rational, and finally once sold, people need to satisfy their emotional decision with logic.

Solve Your Prospect’s Problems

A good copywriter helps the customer solve a problem they are experiencing or helps them to achieve a goal. Similarly, Bob Bly explains how a good copywriter gets attention, identifies the prospect’s problems, positions the product as the solution, and in the end, proves that there is an intensified value of your solution compared to other potential competitors. The copywriter is not the most important person during the copywriting process. The most important person will always be the prospect. As a copywriter, you have the power. You must prove to your prospect that you can make them richer, smarter, or more attractive. Whatever it may be, the said prospect will reward you with a response or an action. In addition, it is vital that as a copywriter you consistently care about your prospects and their feelings, emotions, and needs. This will not only help you to reel in an abundance of customers but it will want your customers to remain customers and remain loyal to you, your brand, and your products.

Get to Know Your Audience First

There are several things you must research and find prior to creating excellent and valuable copywriting. Below are just a few things to consider before you begin your copywriting process:

  • Know the demographics you want to reach. For example, are you targeting a younger or older demographic, male and/or females, and is there a certain income that would be more suitable to the content and products you are marketing.
  • Consider deeper and further facts such as your targeting markets interests or potential worries and concerns.
  • Research your audience’s core beliefs, feelings, and desires.

Ultimately, you must know your audience. In order to create valuable copywriting, you have to discover how to best connect with your prospects. Find out who exactly you are writing to and learn how to speak their language. Claude Hopkins exclaims to take the business of helping your prospect seriously. Offer a solution to a problem, make a promise, and prove that you can deliver.

Final Thoughts

Copywriting will allow you to build the trust and loyalty you are longing to acquire from your customers. It is a slow process that will require consistency and nurturing but it can be done and done well. In essence, copywriting is not the business of writing words. Copywriting is the business of giving your audience what they want and motivating them to take action. Consider integrating these strategies into your marketing efforts and you will build a firm foundation for your company to strive on.

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