Making Your Mark with Fleet Graphics

Looking to build brand awareness? Visibility is key! Instead of simply using your company vehicles to transport goods or provide services, consider adding fleet graphics to maximize your business’ visibility and leave a lasting impression with your current and prospective customers. Need even more convincing? Numerous studies now report that fleet graphics are the most cost-effective and influential advertising available!

Good news! With our wide-format printing capabilities, Magna IV is a one-stop-shop for your fleet graphic needs. Our skilled team is able to create and produce partial or full vehicle wraps with different logos, colors and messages. We can also help maximize your marketing budget by tailoring your fleet graphics for different marketing campaigns or different demographics. The Magna IV team can even walk you step-by-step through the process—from design to installation—and produce everything in house to further streamline your costs. And since our wraps are made with durable, high-quality vinyl, we can install and remove your graphics without damaging your vehicles’ paints or finishes!

Take a look at some of the recent fleet graphic projects we’ve completed for Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism, Heslep Concrete and Rich Logistics. We’ve even updated Magna IV’s vehicles with our new branding! Check out the photos below, and then call us at 800-946-2462 so we can help your business make its mark with fleet graphics!

Rich Heslep

ARParks 12508744_1076763789013765_4309409315675235854_n