4 Methods to Boost Non-Profit Fundraising during a Crisis

The COIVD-19 pandemic has brought with it incredible challenges for non-profit organizations. The biggest of these is the inability to host in-person fundraising events. Despite this setback, non-profits can still reach their donor base in these 4 meaningful ways:

Email Newsletter

Email response rates have significantly increased since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. People are more engaged digitally than they have ever been. Email newsletters can be used to inform your donor base of your organization’s current needs and virtual fundraising events your organization is hosting.

Direct Mail

Direct mail is able to reach potential donors who may not be digitally connected with your organization. You can inform them of opportunities to give and ways to still be involved during the pandemic. You can include a QR code linked to a landing page to increase digital engagement among potential donors. More info here.

Cross-media Marketing Campaigns

Cross-media marketing campaigns combine email newsletters, direct mail, and SMS marketing to deliver your message to your donor base. Cross-media has the unique ability to reach donors through their preferred method, which means a higher response rate. More info here.

Donation Boxes

Whether it is large boxes for physical donations like food and clothing, or small boxes to collect monetary donations, donation boxes promote giving and serve as the shipping container for your donation drive.

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