Back in Session: 4 Ways to Ensure a Safe and Successful Return to School

Safe Return to School

Like all industries, schools universities and other higher-education institutions have been disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Even as the country reopens, many Americans remain uncertain about stepping foot back on academic campuses, particularly in light of ever-evolving social distancing guidelines. Fortunately, you can help ensure a safe, smooth and successful return to school with these four marketing ideas:


Help alleviate families’ unease by creating and installing signage. From floor decals to vinyl posters, signage can outline your school or organization’s stringent health and safety standards.


Send a direct mail postcard to current and prospective students with details about your campus’ safety measures, with website links and QR codes for increased digital traffic.

Admissions Gift Boxes

Campus tours may be on hold, but you can still engage with prospective students through branded gift boxes featuring apparel, personal protective equipment and other promotional items.


Use a magazine to share how your campus’ culture has positively changed during COVID-19 so students and alumni alike can stay connected and continue to advocate for your school.

COVID-19 or not, Magna IV is here to help with your marketing needs to ensure a safe return to school. Contact us today to start your order.

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