Offset Printing vs Digital Printing: The Difference

Print Advertising: Here to Stay

Businesses Are Migrating Back to Print Ads

Is print advertising still an effective way to market and advertise? Why yes, yes it is! We get it; digital marketing is probably the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word “marketing” in today’s fast-paced, technologically advanced world but I’m here to tell you that print isn’t going away any time soon. Did you know that print advertisement results in higher conversion rates? It’s true! Online marketing campaigns that include printed catalogs produce 163% more profits than campaigns that only use digital media. Besides, print advertisement is exceptionally interactive. Ultimately, high conversion rates, strong audience demographics, and its unique interactive format are just three reasons why print advertisement remains at the top of the pyramid year after year.

What’s Considered a Print Ad?

Print advertisement is a printing solution that is printed in a hard copy format and is typically read by your target audience. Below are 3 types of print advertisements:

  • Direct Mail – a cost-effective and highly individualized way to easily target a specific demographic.
  • Brochures – an affordable printing solution that will help establish your authority, integrity, and brand all in a single format that exhibits vast information.
  • Magazine – a way to display an unlimited amount of creativity while exemplifying high definition work that can target a specific demographic and stick in the mind of readers.

The Power of Print

The power of print is unquestionable. Let’s talk numbers. Don Potochny reveals that 80% of consumers act on direct mail and only 45% act on electronic ads. Has anyone ever told you “don’t always believe what you read online”? This is because the internet is overflowing with fake and misleading advertisements that are promoted solely to draw you in and may not always have your best interest in mind. With that being said, print ads remain the most trusted and reliable configuration of sourced information.

Benefits of Print Ads:

  • Engagement skyrockets – studies show that people engage differently when reading physical content.
  • Prolonged existence – print advertisements last until they literally can’t hold onto the content they are attached to. A longer shelf life equals more views!
  • Makes a lasting impression – readers view print ads slower and more deliberately resulting in more sales and revenue for you and your business.

Final Thoughts

Print advertisement is an ideal marketing strategy. Moreover, time and time again print ads have remained a consistent, effective, and beneficial tool for printing service companies. Also, print ads have a longer lifespan than any form of digital marketing and will surely leave a lasting impression on all customers and prospects. In the end, print is alive and well and should be made a key priority in any company’s marketing budget.

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