Four Ways Signs and Graphics can help an Aging Generation

Four Ways Signs and Graphics can help an Aging Generation

An Aging, Active Generation

Who is the oldest person you know? How old are they? Chances are they remain out and about despite living through their “Golden Years.” No longer are elderly confined to nursing homes and hospital wings as in generations past. The latest generation of silver foxes is on the move, enjoying retirement, family and life savings. Below are four tips to capture this demographic with signage and graphics.


No one likes to feel lost or to search for a location for hours. Include clear instructions with directional arrows and visual landmarks in your signage to reduce confusion. Wayfinding signage should be clearly identifiable from a far distance.

Answer All Questions

Provide as much information as possible. Before you have a design in mind, you should think through any and all questions an elderly visitor might have, such as senior discounts, handicap parking and best entrances to use if promotion is indoors.

Large Font

Unfortunately, diminishing eyesight is not a thing of the past. To help this generation get all they can from your signs and graphics, use large, plain fonts. Providing a QR code where they can view information up close and in a large font is an added bonus.


This generation loves to be involved, whether that’s through donating to a charity or volunteering their time. Provide information in your signage on how they can get involved with your organization or business.

Final Thoughts

The current senior generation is more active than ever before, business can’t afford to write them off. With money saved and plenty of time and grandkids to spend it on, this is the demographic every business and organization should be targeting.

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