Three ways to use Augmented Reality in print marketing

Augment your Marketing

The technology for augmented reality (AR) in print marketing is reaching critical mass, where brands have a platform commonly used by consumers to access the content. Marketers should look for ways to implement this feature into their printed materials to be ahead of the curve and standout from 2-D graphics and signs. Below are three ways to use AR in your marketing campaigns.

Augment Reality: What is it?

First, we need to know what augmented reality is. It takes a 2-D image (Trigger Image) and places graphics, (2-D or 3-D), over the trigger for an engaging experience. For example, Lego implements AR in stores to display 3-D renderings of finished products. The Pokémon Go app was based around AR, placing characters over images of the real world. This is not to be confused with virtual reality which creates an entirely new, digital world. Now that we have that cleared up, let’s get into some creative uses.

Business Cards

Everyone’s seen a business card. Name, contact info and your company’s logo. How can your business card stand out from other salespeople and marketing representatives? With AR, you can include animations, text boxes with company information and your previous work as well as a 3-D image of yourself to leave a lasting impression.

Event Signage

AR presents many opportunities to market events such as exclusive rewards, photo ops and pre-event scavenger hunts leading to the event. Getting consumers involved in your event beforehand increases the likelihood of them actually attending the event.


I’m sure I’m not the only one who gets lost in shopping centers and has trouble getting my bearings on a 2-D directory. Through AR, you can put that map on shopper’s phones, giving enabling them to see the map on a horizontal plane and navigate to their desired destination.

Final Thoughts

The potential for AR in print marketing is seemingly endless. Marketers must be ready with a plan to implement this digital content into their printed materials.

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